Third Grade – Social Studies

3.1 Communities Have a Place

3.1.1  Communities are located in different geographies.

  • World has many landforms
  • You can locate a community on a map or globe

3.1.2  Communities celebrate the Constitution (See Constitution Day Tab)

3.2 Communities Have a History

3.2.1  Geography affects community history.

  • Communities use natural resources
  • People use Transportation  to move from place to place

3.2.2  People and events shape history.

  • Diverse populations make a community
  • Communities celebrate diversity

3.3 Communities Have Responsible Citizens

3.3.1  Citizens obey laws.

  • Laws keep citizens safe.
  • All communities have laws
  • Laws are enforced
  • Governments make laws

3.3. 2  Citizens have rights and responsibilities.

  • Children are citizens

3.4 Communities Provide Goods and Services

3.4.1  Communities use resources

  • Natural resources are grown or found in nature
  • Human resources are the people that produce goods or provide services
  • Capital resources are the money, property, and materials needed for businesses

3.4.2  Communities have producers and consumers.

  • Consumers and producers depend on one another
  • People can be both a consumer and a producer
  • Consumers use the goods or services
  • Producers need consumers to use their products or services