Kindergarten – Social Studies

SS.K.1 My Country and Me

SS.K.1.1 We make the rules.

  • Kids make rules to play and work together
  • Parents make rules to keep us safe
  • Teachers make rules to help us learn
  • Mayors/Governors/Presidents/Police officers/Firefighters make rules to protect people.
  • Sometimes we vote

SS.K.1.2 Rules come from the past.

  • Rules help us change and grow
  • Our country has rules
  • People can work to change the rules
  • Rules connect us (other places, other times)

SS.K.1.3 Rules help us get along.

  • Following the rules helps everyone know what to do
  • Following the rules helps prevent arguments
  • Following the rules promotes sharing and cooperation
  • Following the rules help us function independently
  • Following the rules help us show each other respect

SS.K.1.4 Rules help us learn.

  • Rules help us get our work done
  • Rules help everyone listen
  • Rules help us follow directions
  • Rules help us show each other respect

SS.K.2 People and Celebrations

SS.K.2.1 Cultures celebrate traditions.!/topic/494544/celebrations-and-traditions
  • Cultures celebrate different holidays
  • Cultures celebrate seasonal events (harvest)
  • Cultures eat special foods when they celebrate
  • Cultures wear special costumes when they celebrate
  • Cultures celebrate with different activities
  • We respect cultural celebrations

SS.K.2.2 Families celebrate.

  • Families celebrate school achievement
  • Families celebrate activities
  • Families celebrate anniversaries
  • Families play games
  • Families celebrate traditions
  • Families celebrate special events

SS.K.2.3 Our country celebrates.

  • Our country celebrates national holidays
  • Our country celebrates religious holidays

SS.K.2.4 Schools celebrate special events.

  • Schools celebrate special events

SS.K.3 Going Places

SS.K.3.1 People use transportation.
  • People travel by land
  • People travel by air
  • People travel by water
  • People travel to visit people and places

SS.K.3.2 Products and services use transportation.

  • Products/services travel by land
  • Products/services travel by air
  • Products/services travel by water
  • Product/services travel to get to people and places

SS.K.4 Where We Live

SS.K.4.1 We live in Lincoln.

  • We have an address
  • We live in different homes
  • We live in a neighborhood
  • Lincoln is a city
  • Lincoln is the Capital of Nebraska

SS.K.4.2 We live in Nebraska.

  • Nebraska is a state on the map
  • Nebraska has many cities
  • Nebraska has many farms
  • Cities are different than farms

SS.K.4.3 We live in the United States.

  • The United States is a country
  • People live in many countries in the world

SS.K.4.4 We can identify places on a map and globe.
  • We can identify water
  • We can identify land
  • We can identify roads
  • We can identify specific places