Fourth Grade – Science


4.1.1 observe the relationship between living and non-living things in a grassland ecosystem.

4.1.2  identify grassland organisms as producers, consumers (herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores), or decomposers. - (Click on Dissect Pellet Online Tab)

4.1.3  diagram and explain a simple food chain beginning with the sun

4.1.4 create a model of a food web.


4.2.1 construct and design simple circuits.

4.2.2 differentiate between a series and a parallel circuit.

4.2.3 classify different materials as conductors or nonconductors.

4.2.5 determine and assess the dangers of electricity.


4.3.1 name and describe the parts of the solar system.

4.3.2  create a visual representation of the solar system showing relative distance and size

4.3.3  describe the motion of objects in the sky such as sun, moon, and planets.

4.3.4  recognize that the shape of the moon changes from day to day on a monthly cycle.


4.4.1  recognize the difference between weather, climate and seasons.

4.4.2.  describe adaptations made by plants or animals to survive

4.4.3  analyze the impact of both natural changes and human intervention on different ecosystems.