First Grade – Mathematics

Number Sense

1.2 Write number 0 through 10.

1.3 Identify groups with up to 5 objects.

1.4 Find the pairs of numbers embedded in numbers through 10.

1.5 Represent quantities as groups of 5 and extra ones.

1.6 Identify odd and even numbers.

1.7 Order numbers 11 – 20.

4.1  Represent 2-digit numbers.

4.2  Write a 2-digit number that tells the number of objects in a picture.

4.3  Add a 2-digit number and a 1 digit number.

4.4  Add tens and ones.

5.2  Solve mixed story problems.

5.3  Recognize and continue ten-based sequences.

5.4  Add a decade number to any two-digit number

5.5  Find the hundred partner of a decade number.

7.1  Find doubles of numbers 1 – 10 and doubles of shapes.

7.3  Find one-half and one-fourth of a set.

8.2  Add two 2-digit numbers without regrouping.

8.3  Add two 2-digit numbers with regrouping.

Unit Objective EXT  Use a number line to identify and represent numbers.


1.1  Identify and extend repeating patterns.

2.1  Represent and solve addition picture problems.

2.2  Represent and solve subtraction picture problems.

2.3  Write and solve addition equations.

2.4  Write and solve subtraction equations.

3.1  Solve addition equations with an unknown partner or total.

3.2  Solve subtraction equations.

3.3  Represent and solve addition story problems.

3.4  Represent and solve subtraction story problems.

3.6  Represent and solve unknown partner story problems.

4.5  Solve story problems.

5.6  Solve equations for an unknown partner or total.

6.2  Solve comparison story problems.

9.3  Solve change plus and change minus story problems with unknown partners or totals.

9.4  Solve category (group name) story problems with unknown partners or totals.


1.7  Identify and represent shapes

Attribute Blocks

2.5/3.5  Solve problems with money

5.1  Write the value of a group of dimes and pennies.

6.4  Measure and compare length to the nearest inch.

7.2  Find one-half and one-fourth of a geometric figure.

7.5  Tell time to the hour and half-hour and know calendar relationships.

8.1  Find money amounts.

8.4  Solve addition story problems about coins.

10.1  Estimate and measure length in inches.

10.2  Measure sides of rectangles in inches to identify squares.

10.3  Measure and round lengths to nearest inch.

Data Analysis & Probability

6.1  Read, make and use graphs to compare data.

6.3  Read, make and use tables to compare data.

Basic Facts

Addition facts through 10.

Subtraction facts through 10.