First Grade – Social Studies

SS.1.1 Exploring Our School

SS 1.1.1 A school community is a safe place.
  • Schools have rules
  • Classrooms have rules
  • Students are good classroom citizens
  • Students respect individual differences/respect each other.

SS 1.1.2 A school community works together.

  • School workers are trusted, adults
  • Students and staff have roles and responsibilities

SS.1.2 Exploring Our Neighborhood

SS 1.2.1 Neighborhoods have people.

  • People and families live in a neighborhood.
  • Neighborhoods have different kinds of homes.

SS 1.2.2 Neighborhoods have a place.

  • Everyone needs to know where they live
  • Neighborhoods can be located on a map
  • Neighborhoods are unique

SS 1.2.3 Neighborhoods have a purpose.

  • People work in a neighborhood
  • Neighborhoods meet different wants and needs.
  • Neighborhoods provide goods and services.

SS.1.3 Exploring Our Country

SS 1.3.1 Our country has a place on earth.
  • The globe is a model of the earth
  • The earth is made of land and water
  • A country can be located on a globe and map using directions
  • Our country is made up of 50 states

SS 1.3.2 Our country has a history.

  • Many symbols represent our country
  • People make our history great
  • We celebrate our history through holidays

SS.1.4 Exploring Our World

SS 1.4.1 The World is made up of continents and oceans.

  • Recognize that continents have different shapes, sizes and names
  • Locate and label continents
  • Identify largest areas of water as oceans
  • Continents can have many countries

SS 1.4.2  Unique people make up our world

  • We have families
  • We have homes
  • We have celebrations and traditions
  • We learn
  • We eat
  • We play
  • Geography influences our lives