Third Grade – Science


3.1.1 explain the life cycle of a chicken.

3.1.2 observe and understand embryo development.

3.1.3 investigate other animals that lay eggs and their life cycles.


3.2.1   recognize that light travels in a straight line and can be reflected by an object (mirror).

3.2.2   recognize that light can travel through certain materials and not others (transparent, translucent, opaque).

3.2.3  identify ways to generate heat (friction, burning, incandescent light bulb)

3.2.4  demonstrate that heat can flow from one object to another by conduction.

3.2.5  identify materials that act as thermal conductors or insulators.

3.2.6  recognize how sound is produced when objects vibrate.

3.2.7  recognize sound can be changed by changing the rate of vibration.


3.3.1  understand the processes that created some fossils.

3.3.2   understand how scientists use fossil evidence to make inferences about dinosaur characteristics.

3.3.3   infer how dinosaurs lived by examining their characteristics.

Simple Machines–

3.4.1. understand the concepts of force and friction.

3.4.2  describe changes in motion due to outside forces (push, pull, gravity)

3.4.3  explain how levers make work easier

3.4.4  explain how wheels and axles decrease force, increase distance, and decrease friction.

3.4.5  explain how inclined planes make work easier.

3.4.6  explain how gear systems make work easier.

3.4.7  design and build a simple machine that solves a problem