Second Grade – Social Studies

SS.2.1 We the Community

SS 2.1.1 There are 3 types of communities.
  • Producers need consumers to use their products or services
  • Urban communities are sometimes called cities and have downtown areas
  • Suburban communities are close to the city and are less crowded
  • Rural communities are small towns in the countryside

SS 2.1.2 Communities are located in different places on a map.

  • People use maps to find places
  • Maps symbols and keys are tools that help us find places on the map

SS 2.1.3 Communities have different geographic features.

  • Communities can be located near one or more geographic features: mountains, rivers, desert, plains, lake, ocean, valley, island
  • Physical maps show geographic features

SS.2.2 We the Workers

SS 2.2.1 Communities produce and distribute goods.

  • Goods can be produced in factories
  • Goods can be produced on farms
  • Goods are transported from factories and farms to stores

SS 2.2.2 Communities provide services.

  • Service jobs help or “serve” people
  • Distinguish between economic needs and wants

SS 2.2.3 Communities meet needs and wants.

SS.2.3 We the History Makers

SS 2.3.1 Communities can grow or get smaller.

  • Jobs influence a community’s size
  • Family needs, influence a community’s size

SS 2.3.2 Communities change over time.
  • Timelines tell when and in what order things happen in a community.
  • One person can make a difference (in the past and today)

SS 2.3.3  Community change is impacted by people

SS.2.4 We the People

SS 2.4.1 Responsible citizens make responsible leaders.

  • Responsible leaders are elected by citizens
  • Responsible leaders make important decisions to help their communities
  • Responsible leaders listen to citizens

SS 2.4.2 Responsible citizens take action.

  • Responsible citizens vote – See also section on Election/Voting Process
  • Responsible citizens work to make their community better
  • Responsible citizens get along with others
  • Responsible citizens help others
  • Responsible citizens follow rules and laws