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Weekly Update 11/30-12/2

This week we welcomed each other back after our long break! I hope that everyone was able to relax and stay healthy. We also talked about buildings in our neighborhood and what types of shapes we might see on buildings.

During small groups we worked on writing and identifying letters, practiced making patterns, and used letter stamps.

During our second step lessons we reminded our bodies and brains about the rules at school. We also talked about how some people might feel differently than us about the same thing. For example, some people like going to the dentist and some people don’t, and that’s okay!


December 9 — No School

December 13 — No Preschool

December 23-Jan 3 — No School


This week we started our buildings study. We talked about what we already know about buildings and what we want to learn. We spent some time learning about the 3 little pigs and the different materials that they used to build their houses.

During small groups this week, students made their own 3 little pigs book, practiced writing their letters, and practiced identifying their letters with a fishing game.

Our second step lessons this week taught about safe and unsafe touches. We also talked about how we can calm our bodies like Tucker Turtle. We practiced how to tuck into our shell, take three deep breaths, and then think of a solution when our bodies are calm.


November 23-29 — No Preschool

Weekly Update 10/31-11/11

Last week we talked about how signs help us and who uses signs. We got to talk about our bus drivers and how they use signs to keep us safe. This week we learned some words in sign language. Ask your child if they can show you any words or letters in sign language.

During small groups last week we made pumpkin books, practiced rhyming, and learned how to make and read a graph. This week, students followed a recipe to make a snack mix, made letters in shaving cream, and practiced taking turns playing UNO.

Our second step lessons  last week and this week we continued talking about emotions and how to tell how someone might be feeling. We also talked about appropriate ways to calm our bodies if we are having a big feeling.




November 23-29 — No Preschool

Weekly Update 10/24-10/28

This week we talked all about where we can find signs. We went on a sign walk around Kloefkorn and talked about signs we might see in stores. The students even made signs for our classroom. Ask your child what they can tell you about signs.

Our small groups this week included going on a color hunt through the halls of the school, playing the game “Does the wind move it?”, and making signs using popsicle sticks.

Our social emotional lessons talked about identifying feelings. We practiced looking at people’s faces to help us identify how they are feeling. We also talked about safe and unsafe substances for our bodies.


November 2 — Picture Retake Day

November 2-16 — 2nd Quarter Home Visits

November 23-29 — No School (Thanksgiving break, plan day, PLC day)

Weekly Update 10/19-10/21

During our short week, we talked about characteristics of signs and how they might be used. We made our own advertisements and worked together to observe various things about signs.

Our small groups this week included a treasure hunt in sand, identifying and writing numbers, and learning about a number line.

We reviewed  safety rules and the rules and expectations in preschool during our second step time.


October 25 — No Preschool (PLC)


Weekly Update 10/10-10/13

This week we talked about the characteristics of signs. We talked about the colors and what they might mean, the shapes of signs, and where we can find signs.

Our small groups this week included learning how to make tally marks, practicing our letter recognition, and playing shape bingo.

Our social emotional lessons this week taught us how to ask for help. We practiced asking for help in a respectful, strong voice.


October 14-18 — No School (Fall Break)

October 25 — No Preschool (PLC)

Weekly Update 10/3-10/7

This week we started our signs study. We went on a signs walk to see what kind of road signs we could see around Kloefkorn. We also talked about what we notice about signs such as their color, shape, words, and symbols.

This week during small group we practiced counting, sorting, and making shapes with geoboards.

Our second step curriculum focused on how to follow directions. We also reviewed some safety rules and learned a new rule about what to do if you get lost.


October 14-18 — No School (Fall Break)

October 25 — No Preschool (PLC)

Weekly Update 9/26-9/30

This week we talked all about what sounds we hear at school. We took a walk inside the building and outside to listen. Ask your child what sound they heard at school this week.

Our small group lessons included writing letters in shaving cream, retelling The Gingerbread Man, and going fishing for letters.

Our second step lessons introduced self-talk. We talked about how we can use self-talk to remind ourselves what our jobs are or what we are supposed to do next.


Oct 14-18 — No School (Fall break)

October 25 — No Preschool (PLC)

Weekly Update 9/19-9/23

This week we talked all about how to make friends and be a good friend at preschool.  We drew pictures for our friends and talked about things we like to do with friends at school, home, or daycare.

Our small group lessons this week included making our own Preschooler, Preschooler, What do You See? book, predicting and counting how many times different balls would bounce, and identifying and matching letters.

Our second step lessons went over some safety rules and how to solve problems at preschool. Our safety rules this week were: Always hold a big persons hand when crossing the street, Wear a helmet when riding on wheels, and Sit in a car seat when riding in a car.


September 27 — No Preschool (PLC)

Weekly Update 9/12-9/16

This week we talked about when things happen at school and who works at our school. We met Mr Mark, one of our custodians, and made him cards, Ms Val and Ms Carin in the office and Ms Kelsey and Ms Karina in the health office. We had a special visitor on Monday, a dentist! She showed us how to keep our teeth clean an healthy. Our gingerbread man even ran away from us at school on Friday. Ask your child where he went!


Our small groups this week included practicing letters and writing our names, learning about our geoboards, and making gingerbread people.

Our second step lessons talked about fair ways to play. We practiced how to share, trade, and take turns. We also practiced how to kindly give a friend a toy.


September 23 — Family Socialization @ Kloefkorn Fun Night

September 27 — No Preschool (PLC)