Monthly Archives: January 2023

Weekly Update 1/23-1/27

This week we talked about the characteristics of tubes. We looked at curved tubes, flexible tubes, hard tubes, and talked about what types of things can move through them. We also talked about what kinds of tubes and tunnels you might find at a hardware store.

Our small groups this week included building with foam blocks and shaving cream, writing numbers and letters, and using team work to put together a floor puzzle.

Our second step lessons were all about identifying how you feel when things happen. We practiced showing on our faces how we might feel during certain situations. We also practiced taking deep belly breaths to calm our bodies down.


January 31 — No Preschool (PLC)

Weekly Update 1/17-1/20

This week we continued exploring tubes and tunnels. We set up some tunnels in our classroom and the students were able to go through them. Some students said that they really liked crawling through the tunnels and some said that it wasn’t their favorite.

During small groups we played bingo, practiced counting and putting the right amount of items with each number, and practiced identifying numbers.

Our second step lesson this week was all about feeling frustrated. We talked about what it meant to be frustrated and why someone might feel that way. We practiced putting our hands on our tummies and taking 3 deep breaths to calm our bodies before we think of a solution.


January 31 — No Preschool

Weekly Update 1/9-1/13

This week we finished up our buildings study. We continued to build with our boxes throughout the week and some students decided to decorate them! Today, we started our tubes and tunnels study.

During our small groups this week, students played ping pong pick up, learned how to use our light table, and made a snack.

Our second step lessons this week talked about safe and unsafe touches. We practiced telling people “No” or “Please stop” in our strong respectful voices.


January 16 — No School

January 31 — No School

Weekly Update 1/4-1/6

This week we welcomed everyone back from our long break! We spent our time talking about buildings and what happens inside of buildings. We also introduced our box collection and students were able to use them to build and create.

Our small groups this week had students practicing how to make letters, playing a memory game, and walking letters in the hallway.

Our second step lessons reminded our brains and bodies how to be safe and follow rules at preschool. We also reviewed how we can solve problems at school.


January 16 — No School

January 31 — No School