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Weekly Update 5/3-5/7

This week we focused on inclined planes. We talked about how they make work easier, how to make them with our bodies, and the students did an amazing job of pointing out inclined planes outside and on our playground. Ask your child if they can show you an inclined plane!


During small groups this week we explored a variety of simple machines from the classroom, practiced making patterns, and found buried treasure (3-D shapes) in the sand.

Our social emotional lessons this week were focused on how to use our skills in kindergarten. We talked about how to use our listening rules, how to focus attention, and use self-talk when a teacher gives a direction.

Weekly Update 4/26-4/30

This week we started our Simple Machine study. We began talking about the different kinds of simple machines and how they help us work. Ask your child if you have any simple machines at your house!

During small groups we worked on identifying numbers and using one-to-one correspondence while counting pom-poms, predicted how things moved in water, and got to go “fishing” for numbers.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on reviewing our safety rules and our touching rule. On Friday, we watched Julie Stays Safe — a video about how Julie navigates someone breaking the touching rule.


May 20 — Last day of school


Weekly Update 4/19-4/23

This week finished up our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle study! We reviewed what we have learned throughout the study and talked about our favorite parts. Next week we will start our Simple Machine study.

Our small groups this week included identifying and matching 3-D shapes, writing letters using shaving cream, and predicting and counting.

During our 2nd step lesson we reviewed safety lessons. We talked about gun, fire, water, bike, sharp tools, and dog safety. Ask your child if they can identify any of our safety rules!


April 27 — No School (PLC)

Weekly Update 4/12-4/16

We celebrated the Week of the Young Child this week!

Music Monday

Tasty Tuesday

Work Together Wednesday

Artsy Thursday

Family Friday

Pictures from Friday will be in next weeks blog post!


April 27 — No School (PLC)


Weekly Update 3/29-4/1

This week we talked about how we can recycle materials to make new things. We recycled paper towel tubes to make binoculars and old grocery sacks to make kites!

During small group this week we played a memory game, recycled paper to make books, and sorted through various recycled materials to find the recycling symbol. Do you recycle at your house? Talk to your child about things that you can and cannot recycle. Let them help you sort your recycling into different bins.

Our 2nd step lessons went over how to stay safe at school. We practiced our shelter drill and our evacuation drill and talked about the other drills (lockdown, hold, secure) and what they mean.


April 2 & 5 — No School

April 13 — Alternate PLC Schedule (8:00-11:30am)

April 12-23 — 4th Quarter Home Visits

Weekly Update 3/22-3/26

This week we began talking about where our trash goes. We drew a map of where it went and went to see where our trash goes at school. We also talked about things that can be recycled and things that cannot be recycled.

In small groups this week we practiced making letters, making patterns, and got to go bowling!

Our social emotional lessons focused on identifying and solving a problem. When you’re reading a story to your child, see if they can identify the problem or the solution!


March 30 — No School

April 2 – 5 — No School

April 13 — Alternate PLC schedule 8:00-11:30am

Weekly Update 3/15-3/19

For our first week back from break, we talked about rules at preschool and how to be a good friend. We practiced problem solving skills and reminded our brains about the rules in the classroom and the building. The students also got to go on a gingerbread man hunt, ask them where he was hiding!

In small groups this week we made playdoh, played a matching game, and played a movement game. We focused on following rules, routines, and taking turns.

Our social emotional lessons this week were about how to make friends at school. We talked about how to invite friends to play, kind ways to talk to friends, and how to use our solution kit to solve problems.


March 30 — No School (PLC)

Weekly Update 3/1-3/5

This week we talked about trash! We talked about where we might find it, what types of trash we might see, things we could do with trash, and how we could reuse it. The students came up with some very creative ways to reuse junk.

During small group, we made junk art, practiced answering questions, and took a walk around the school to graph the different kinds of trash/recycling receptacles.

Our second step curriculum reviewed safe and unsafe touches and the touching rule. The students practiced how to say “No” in a strong voice and we talked about what to do if someone breaks the touching rule.


March 8-12 — No School (Spring break)

March 16 — Adjusted PLC schedule — PM students in session 8:00-11:30am

Weekly Update 2/22-2/26

This week we finished our tubes and tunnels study. We had a special guest who talked to use about the trumpet, an instrument that is a tube. To celebrate, we made instruments from tubes and talked about our favorite parts of our tube study. Today, we started our new study: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Our small groups this week allowed students an opportunity to practice taking turns and following directions by playing board games, use shaving cream and blocks to build structures, and decorate a mitten after listening to a story.

Our second step lesson focused on fair ways to play. Students practiced how to play together with friends, how to trade toys, and we thought of other ways to solve problems that might arise in the classroom.


March 8-12 — No School (Spring Break)

March 16 — PM Preschool from 8:00-11:30am (Extra PLC day)

March 30 — No School (PLC Day)

Weekly Update 2/17-2/19

This week we began talking about how you can make music with tubes. We experimented with different types of tubes and tried various ways to make sounds. We also got to explore new instruments and learn how to play them.

In small groups this week, students practiced rhyming,  recall skills using a memory game, and sorting. You can practice sorting at home with things around your house! You could decide on different categories such as: items that belong in the kitchen/bathroom, items that are theirs/siblings/shared, items of certain colors, etc.

Our social emotional curriculum focused on how to invite others to play. We talked about kind ways to invite friends to play and how friends might feel if you invite them to play with you.


February 23 — No School (PLC)

March 8-12 — No School (Spring Break)

March 16 — Extra PLC Day — PM session runs from 8:00-11:30am