Monthly Archives: August 2022

Weekly Update 8/22-8/26

This week we continued to learn the names of friends and teachers in the classroom. We walked to the office and nurses office to meet Ms Carin, Ms Val, Ms Kelsey, and Ms Karina.  Towards the end of the week we discussed what it means to feel sad or scared and how we can feel better when we’re at school.

During our small groups this week we introduced more areas of the classroom. We learned about stamps, the science area, water colors, the sensory table, and playdoh.

Our second step lessons talked about how we can welcome people into our classroom. We practiced how to introduce ourselves to new people.


Aug 30 — No Preschool (PLC)

First Week of School!

We had a great first couple days of preschool! We worked on learning our friends and teachers names. Ask your child if they can name someone in our classroom.

Our small groups focused on introducing new areas and materials. We learned about the block area, table toy area, art area, and house area.

During our second step time we learned about rules and expectations in preschool.


Aug 30 — No Preschool