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Student Notebook

This is the repository of class- and homework completed in 7A Social Studies. Please make sure you keep your notebook:

Page 17: Song Dynasty Notes.

Page 16:  Tang Dynasty Notes.

Page 15: Silk Road Trade graphic organizer.

Page 14: Treasure Seekers: The Silk Road notes.

Page 13: Last Day in China paragraph; Silk Road notes.

Page 12: CNN 10, January 10.

Page 11: Castle video guide.

Page 10: Life in the Middle Ages: The Merchant video guide.

Page 9: Why Did the Feudal System Eventually Go Away? graphic organizer.

Page 8:  Italian Trade Interactive Reading Guide.

Page 7: Why the feudal system existed in Western Europe during the Middle Ages graphic organizer.

Page 6: Advantages/Disadvantages of the Feudal System; Warm Up, January 7.

Page 5: Life in the Middle Ages: The Serfs Video Guide.

Page 4: Feudal System Chart Notes.

Page 3: People of the Feudal System Notes.

Page 2: Warm Up, Dec. 12; What was trade like in Europe during the Middle Ages? response.

Page 1: Afroeurasia Tour.

Page 76: Warm Up, December 9.

Page 75: Islam: Empire of Faith Stump the Champ questions.

Page 74: How did Islam Become a World Religion? Notes.

Page 73: Why might a person choose to accept a new religion?; How did Islam become a world religion?

Page 72: CNN 10, November 22; CNN 10, December 6.

Page 71: What is Islam? notes.

Page 70: Graphic Organizer – The Five Pillars.

Page 69: What is Islam? video questions.

Page 68: Student Reading: Islam – Study Questions.

Page 67: Why Islam? The Role of Religion in Society graphic organizer.

Page 66: World Religions graphic organizer.

Page 65: Warm Up, November 11.

Page 64: CNN 10, November 8; CNN 10, November 15.

Page 63: Why Study Religion?Role of Religion in Society notes.

Page 62: Warm Up, November 5.

Page 61: Fun Facts About the Han Dynasty.

Page 60: China’s Ghost Army: The Terra Cotta Warriors.

Page 59: CNN 10, November 1.

Page 58: China’s Ghost Army: The Terra Cotta Warriors.

Page 57: Han Dynasty Notes.

Page 56: Warm Up, Oct. 29; Empires Similarities/Differences.

Page 55: Colosseum: A Gladiator’s Story video guide.

Page 54: Warm Up, October 23; Warm Up, October 24.

Page 53: Afroeurasia Tour.

Page 52: Warm Up, October 21.

Page 51: Rome: Engineering an Empire with Stump the Champ questions.

Page 50: The Fall of Rome Notes.

Page 49: Rome: Engineering an Empire with Stump the Champ questions.

Page 48: Diocletian/Constantine Notes.

Page 47: Warm Up, Oct. 15; Warm Up, Oct. 16.

Page 46: Rome: Engineering an Empire with Stump the Champ questions.

Page 45: Warm Up, Oct. 14; Decision to Split the Empire Notes.

Page 44: CNN 10, October 11.

Page 43: Augustus/Pax Romana Notes.

Page 42: Warm Up, Oct. 11.

Page 41: Rome: Engineering an Empire with Stump the Champ questions.

Page 40: How did Rome go from a republic to an empire?

Page 39: Julius Caesar video notes.

Page 38: Julius Caesar Notes.

Page 37: What were some problems Rome had after the Punic Wars?

Page 36: The Punic War video notes.

Page 35: Warm Up, Oct. 7; Republic defined.

Page 34: CNN 10, October 4.

Page 33: Roman Expansion to 14 CE sentence ender.

Page 32: Age of Alexander: Engineering an Empire with Stump the Champ questions.

Page 31: Warm Up, October 1; Alexander the Great predictions.

Page 30: September 30 classwork.

Page 29: At War/Weapons Readings.

Page 28: SPLAR Notes.

Page 27: Classical Empire notes.

Page 26: Comparing Athens and Sparta.

Page 25: CNN 10, September 20; CNN 10, September 27.

Page 24: Ancient Greece video guide.

Page 23: Warm Up, September 17; Preamble activity.

Page 22: Geography of Greece/City-States/Types of Government Notes.

Page 21: Classical Empire Notes.

Page 20: What is an empire?; Abbreviations used in Dates.

Page 19: Historical Habits of Mind Formative Assessment.

Page 18: Afroeurasia Notes.

Page 17: Multiple Perspectives Notes.

Page 16: Maps of My Life – Lincoln.

Page 15: Maps of My Life – World.

Page 14: CNN 10, Sept. 6.

Page 13: List seven locations important to you (world).

Page 12: Warm Up, Sept. 4; How do we know what we know?

Page 11: Warm Up, Sept. 3; Mystery of Easter Island Stump the Champ questions.

Page 10: Mystery of Easter Island Stump the Champ questions.

Page 9: Habits of Mind Graphic Organizer.

Page 8: What Happened to Civilization on Easter Island?

Page 7: How do We Know What We Know?; Primary Sources/Secondary Sources Defined.

Page 6: Warm Up, August 26; Threshold Moments explained.

Page 5: Warm Up, August 23.

Page 4: Big History Questions, August 21;Warm Up, August 22.

Page 3: What is Big History? story.

Page 2: What is Big History? Notes.

Page 1: Asia Tour.

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