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Student Notebook

This is the main repository of class- and homework completed in 7A Social Studies. Please make sure you keep your note book current and that you take it home to study frequently.

Page 19: Maps of My Life- Lincoln.

Page 18: Maps of My Life – World.

Page 17: U.S. Constitution activity; Preamble activity.

Page 16: CNN 10, September 15.

Page 15: Warm Up, Sept. 14; Multiple Perspective Notes.

Page 14: Warm Up, Sept. 12; Easter Island Underworld Stump the Champ questions.

Page 13: CNN 10, September 8; CNN 10, September 11.

Page 12: Primary Sources/Secondary Sources Notes.

Page 11: How do we know what we know?; Easter Island pictures conclusion.

Page 10: Warm Up, Sept. 5.

Page 9: Warm Up, August 31; Warm Up, September 1.

Page 8: Habits of Mind Graphic Organizer.

Page 7: What is Big History? Notes.

Page 6: CNN 10, August 25; CNN 10, September 1.

Page 5: What is Context? Notes.

Page 4: 6th Grade Social Studies Timeline.

Page 3: Asia Tour.

Page 2: Warm Up, August 21; Warm Up, August 22.

Page 1: CNN 10, August 18.


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