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Student Notebook

This is the repository of class- and homework completed in 7A Social Studies. Please make sure you keep your notebook:

Page 49: The Crusades: Crescent and the Cross notes.

Page 48:  The Crusades: Crescent and the Cross questions.

Page 47: Pope Urban Notes; King Richard and Saladin Notes.

Page 46: The Crusades: Crescent and the Cross questions.

Page 45: Timeline activity.

Page 44: The Population of Afroeurasia 1000-1500 graphing activity.

Page 43: Calamity defined.

Page 42: List the legacies of the Mongols mentioned in Tim Cope: On the Trail of Genghis Khan.

Page 41: Legacy defined; Mongol Legacy Notes.

Page 40: Primary Documents A, B, C Summaries.

Page 39: CNN 10, February 21; CNN 10, February 28.

Page 38: Kublai Khan: The Mongol EmpirNotes.

Page 37: Kublai Khan notes.

Page 36: Interrogatory.

Page 35: Chinggis Khan summary; Kublai Khan summary.

Page 34: Chinggis Khan notes.

Page 33: CNN 10, February 14.

Page 32: Significance of selected Time magazine “persons” of the year.

Page 31: Primary Documents A, B, C Notes.

Page 30: Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire Notes.

Page 29: Warm Up, February 5.

Page 28: Formative assessment.

Page 27: Who were the Mongols? Notes.

Page 26: Cultural Broker, steppe defined.

Page 25: Warm Up, February 3.

Page 24: CNN 10, January 31; CNN 10, February 7.

Page 23: How did Mansa Musa contribute to Afroeurasian trade? response.

Page 22: What is Currency? Notes.

Page 21: “If I had a million dollars (x 100)…” response.

Page 20: China: Dynasties of Power video guide.

Page 19: Standard 5.3 Formative Assessment.

Page 18: Silk Road Trade graphic organizer.

Page 17: Song Dynasty Notes.

Page 16:  Tang Dynasty Notes.

Page 15: Silk Road Trade graphic organizer.

Page 14: Treasure Seekers: The Silk Road notes.

Page 13: Last Day in China paragraph; Silk Road notes.

Page 12: CNN 10, January 10.

Page 11: Castle video guide.

Page 10: Life in the Middle Ages: The Merchant video guide.

Page 9: Why Did the Feudal System Eventually Go Away? graphic organizer.

Page 8:  Italian Trade Interactive Reading Guide.

Page 7: Why the feudal system existed in Western Europe during the Middle Ages graphic organizer.

Page 6: Advantages/Disadvantages of the Feudal System; Warm Up, January 7.

Page 5: Life in the Middle Ages: The Serfs Video Guide.

Page 4: Feudal System Chart Notes.

Page 3: People of the Feudal System Notes.

Page 2: Warm Up, Dec. 12; What was trade like in Europe during the Middle Ages? response.

Page 1: Afroeurasia Tour.


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