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Wednesday, February 6

Today’s Learning: How did Africa contribute to global trade?

Warm Up: Close read – underling, highlight, annotate – The Nation of Zimbabwe. Then write a gist statement of this article on  the bottom of p. 4. Share your gist statements with your table partner.

Class Work: Kilwa/Great Zimbabwe Notes, p. 20.

Use the atlas, p. 122,  on your table to help you locate and label the following cities of Africa on your Afroeurasian Trade Map:

  • Tripoli
  • Cairo
  • Timbuktu
  • Mogadishu

Class Work: On the Afroeurasian Trade Chart, for “Goods Produced” and “Africa”, write:

  • Gold
  • Ivory
  • Precious Gems
  • Exotic Animals

On the chart, in the box for “Trade Routes” and “Africa”, write:

  • Tripoli to Genoa (sea)
  • Tripoli to Timbuktu (land)
  • Timbuktu to Cairo (land)
  • Mogadishu to Cairo (sea)
  • Cairo to Baghdad (land)
  • Mogadishu to Mumbai (sea)

Then, use a colored pencil to trace those routes on the trade map, using dashed green lines for land routes and solid blue lines for sea routes.

When you’re finished with your map/chart, please turn it in on the front table.

Use the sources on the white board (listed below) to help you complete the Standards 5.3/5.4 Review.

Standards 5.3/5.4 Quiz, Thursday, February 8.

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