EducationQuest Appointments at North Star

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EducationQuest Foundation is a nonprofit organization with a mission to improve access to higher education in Nebraska EducationQuest provides free college planning services, need-based scholarship programs, college access grants for high schools, college access resources for middle schools, and outreach services for community agencies.

An EducationQuest specialist will be at North Star every other Tuesday, beginning on October 31st. Students can click the button below to sign up for an appointment slot.

Parents/guardians can also contact the EducationQuest office at (402) 475-5222 to make an appointment at their office at 1300 O St.

In preparation to the appointment each student AND parent must have username(s) and password(s) (Instructions herecreated before the appointment. Please review the FAFSA Checklist  for the items you will need for your appointment.