Pass/Fail Course Evaluation Policy


Important Information Regarding the Pass/Fail Course Evaluation Policy.

The deadline for requesting a Pass/Fail evaluation rather than a standard evaluation using the regular grading scale is December 22, ,  2020.

  • Students must turn in a Pass/Fail request form to their counselors on or before December 22nd in  order to receive this form of evaluation. 
  • The form must be signed by the student, the teacher, and the parent prior to being submitted to the counseling center. 


Students receiving a Pass/Fail course evaluation should understand the following: 

  • A grade of satisfactory or unsatisfactory will be given instead of a standard letter grade
  • This form of evaluation will not be included in determining class rank or honor roll
  • This form of evaluation may be used for no more than 10 credit points in any one semester and for no more than thirty credit points of work to be counted toward graduation requirements. 
  • Local colleges have said they will accept credits evaluated this way, but it is possible that some colleges might not
  • NCAA Division I and II institutions will accept courses that are awarded pass-fail grades to satisfy core-curriculum requirements for student athletes. The NCAA will compute a “Satisfactory” grade as the lowest passing grade (D) to determine the Core Course GPA. 
  • There may be no changes to the course evaluation method after December 22, 2020.