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November 12th, 2018 – Reading Unit 3 and Literacy Homework Begins

Hello Families!

I hope you didn’t freeze this weekend, as winter made itself known!  Brrrrr!

This week the kids will begin Unit 3 in Reading.  We will practice visualization, problem solving and synonyms, in a number of folktale stories this week.  You can expect a spelling list for unit 3, week 1 to come this evening.

You can also expect the first literacy homework assignment to come home Monday.  The kids practiced how to do this assignment last week, and they should be able to complete most of it independently.  However, there are five 1-minute fluency reads, and your child will need someone to time them as they read.  This assignment isn’t due until Friday, but your child is welcome to bring it back to school before Friday, if finished.  If your child loses their paper, you can find an extra copy under the Homework tab of our class web site.

In Math, we’ll begin to practice rounding numbers.  This is traditionally a hard concept, so I’m going to be cautious about assigning homework.  Later in the week, the kids will begin reviewing addition.  If the lessons go according to plan, you can expect assignments coming home on the following nights.

Monday-Homework 3-5

Tuesday-Homework 3-6

Wednesday-Homework 3-7 (This lesson may get bumped to Thursday, depending on the rounding lessons)

Thursday-Homework 3-8

Friday-Homework 3-9

In Writing, we’re continuing the research process, and will likely finish up our notes this week.  Next up will be a rough draft, followed by a final draft.  Our Second Step lesson this week is about Making Friends, and obviously the kids will learn some strategies to make and keep friends.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Eric Wachter

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