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December 16th, 2019 – Test Week, Pie Smashing and Pajama Day!

Hello Families!

This week the kids will take their Unit 3 Test in both reading and math.  They will also take their Fractions Intervention post test.  Test, test, test…lucky kids!  🙂  Thankfully, the tests will be broken up over several days so they aren’t overwhelmed all at once.  There will be no spelling this week, and I anticipate homework only on Monday in my math class.

Speaking of fractions, the kids have been learning about them the past few weeks at Interventions.  After each lesson, the kids get a chance to answer an “exit question” and earn a “piece of the pie” coupon for each question.  Today, one lucky winner from each homeroom will have their name drawn from that coupon basket, and have a chance to throw a pie in Mr. Roberson’s face!  🙂  This will take place Thursday morning in the lunch room.  It’s always a riot to see Mr. R get the kids all worked up, and they LOVE getting a chance to see that pie go splat!

Another exciting aspect to the week is that the school has earned their next 10,000 blue coupon reward.  To celebrate, the kids are welcome to wear pajamas on Thursday.

Lastly, my uncle passed away last Saturday after a lengthy battle with cancer.  While it is very sad, we are all so thankful he is out of pain.  As a result, I will be gone on Tuesday and Wednesday to attend to his funeral in Iowa.  There is nothing I hate more than missing school, especially during a test week.  But, I will prep the kids today about my absence, and I hope all goes well during the time I’m gone.

Thanks for reading, have a great week and an especially great holiday season!

Eric Wachter

December 9th, 2019 – History Week and Game Day!

Hello Families!

This week the kids will learn through a variety of expository texts that focus on history from the 1800s.  They will read about the Oregon Trail, as well as learn about the transcontinental railroad.  In the process, they will practice summarizing, sequencing and suffixes.  This is the 5th week of Unit 3, so the kids will have one more spelling list before our Unit 3 Test next week.

In math class, we’ll be wrapping up our study of addition and subtraction, then do some review activities for next week’s test.  I’m really torn with homework this week, as I’m not sure how the lessons will go.  Tentatively, I anticipate assignments on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  I might need to push one back, and have an assignment Friday.  We’ll play it by ear!

In writing, most kids are just about finished with the the final draft of their research reports.  I’m hoping to have the kids share them with each other by the end of the week.  Then, we should have some time for a little December poetry towards the end of the week or early next week.

Lastly, this Thursday the kids are welcome to bring a board game or card game from home to celebrate the school earning another 10,000 Character Coupons.  Rubik’s Cubes seem to be very popular with the kids this year, and those would be another perfect game to play.  Don’t feel like you have to bring anything, as we have plenty of games the kids can play here in the classroom.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Eric Wachter

December 3rd, 2019 – MAP Reading Test Week

Hello Families!

I hope you all had a restful Thanksgiving break, and were able to spend some quality time with your friends and families.  It’s hard to believe, but we’re down to the last three weeks of the first semester.  Crazy how time flies!

This week, the kids will take their mid-year MAP reading test.  This is the same test they took in the fall, and will take again at the end of the year.  It monitors progress, and allows teachers to analyze the results and direct instruction towards areas of need or weakness.  Our class will take part one on Wednesday at 10:35, and part 2 on Friday at 10:35.

We’ll also sandwich our regular curriculum around those tests.  Our stories this week will focus on Earth and outer space.  We’ll read some cool expository texts about space, and practice summarizing, main idea and suffixes.  We will have a spelling list this week, and you can expect a practice list to come home this evening.

In math class, we’ll continue to practice addition and subtraction methods.  I’ve been really impressed with my group and what they retained from last year.  I anticipate home each evening this week, unless a lesson goes sideways and we need more time.

In writing class, we’re finishing up our research reports this week and will begin writing our final drafts.  I’m excited at how this process has gone, and I look forward to sharing them with you at conferences.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Eric Wachter