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November 28th, 2017 – Goodbye November!

Hello Families!

I hope you all had a great break from school and were able to enjoy some time with your families and friends.  It’s hard to believe that November is nearly over and the last month of second quarter is upon us!

This week your kids will return to normalcy with Literacy Homework and a spelling test from Unit 3, Week 2.  We’ll also have a normal week of Math, and you can expect some regular Math homework to come home, as well.

In Math, we’re continuing our practice of addition and will delve into subtraction later in the week.  We have also been practicing rounding numbers, which can be really tricky, at first.  Most kids are doing a great job rounding to the nearest ten in a two-digit number, or to the nearest hundred in a three-digit number.  Where it gets tricky is rounding to the tens or hundreds in three and four digit numbers.  Any extra practice at home with rounding is much appreciated!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Eric Wachter


November 20th, 2017 – Happy Thanksgiving and Pajama Day!

Good Morning Families!

I hope you are all well, and are preparing for a fun week of family and friends.  The holidays can be crazy, but I hope you get a chance to celebrate with your loved ones this week.

The kids are set for a fun week, as tomorrow is “Pajama Day!”  Collectively, the school has earned 30,000 blue coupons and having a chance to wear pajamas on Tuesday is their reward.  They are already wound up before break, so why not let them wear pajamas, right?  Ha!  I promise not to wear my U.S. Olympic Hockey pajamas from the 1980 gold medal winning team. 🙂

Being that it’s a short week, there will be no spelling and no literacy homework.  Both of those items will resume next week.

Last week, almost every child returned their literacy homework on time last week!  Woohoo!  Thanks so much for helping your child get used to that new, weekly assignment.  In case you haven’t explored the web page lately, there is a tab that lists our literacy homework assignments for each week.  You can even click on that week’s assignment and print off an extra sheet at home, if you need one!

Thanks for reading and have a fun week!

Eric Wachter

November 13th, 2017 – A Normal Week!

Good Morning Families,

Thankfully your child has completed the latest round of testing in third grade.  The MAP Tests are over, Unit Two tests in Math and Reading are over, and we have a normal week ahead of us.  Thank goodness!  🙂  However, please be on the lookout for a spelling list today, as we’ll resume spelling this week.

Starting with Unit Three in reading, your child will be bringing home a new Literacy Homework assignment.  This assignment will come home on Mondays, and won’t be due until Friday.  Of course, it can be returned early, but the idea is you have the entire week to work on it and bring it back by Friday.

The assignment will require an adult to read with the child for five, 1 minute reads to check fluency.  There are also a few comprehension questions, which require the child to answer each in complete sentences.  Lastly, the back side has a number of skill questions that will repeat from week to week.  This assignment is great practice for the big NeSA exams in the spring.  Thanks so much for your help getting your child into the routine of this new assignment!

In Math, we’ll tackle rounding numbers this week.  This can be a tricky concept, so any extra help at home is appreciated.  We’ll also keep exploring place value, and eventually move to addition and subtraction practice.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Eric Wachter

November 6th, 2017 – Canned Food Drive Week

Good Morning Families!

This week is “Canned Food Drive Week” at Arnold.  If you can spare a can to two, or any non-perishable food items, please send them to school with your child.  The food items will be used to compile holiday baskets for families in need.

Testing will continue this week with the MAP Test for Math.  That exam will take place Tuesday afternoon.  Unit 2 in Literacy has come to a close, so the kids will also take their Unit 2 Test this week.  We will spread that test out over a few days to lessen the stress of one big exam.  There will be no spelling this week due to the unit test.

Hopefully you had a chance to visit with your child about his/her report card.  I am so pleased with the progress of the class, and I hope you feel the same way about your child.  If you have any questions or concerns with their grades, please give me a call or shoot me an email.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Eric Wachter