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YH – Yankee Hill Program

The Yankee Hill Program is designed for students, 9th grade through 12th grade.  It’s mission is to provide a safe, supportive, educational environment that encourages students to achieve their best, engage in learning, graduate and become productive citizens.

The Yankee Hill Program staff is trained in a behavior program model to create a structured, safe and predictable school environment for students. The program addresses the individual needs of each student while providing a strong emphasis on academic excellence, allowing each student to focus on their strengths and learn pro-social skills.

We believe partnering with parents and our community partners is essential and when we work together student achievement increases. We encourage you to stay involved in your student’s school experiences throughout the year and look forward to partnering with you during the course of the entire school year.

YHP – Yankee Hill Program

Lancaster County District No.3, Yankee Hill, was absorbed into Lincoln Public Schools in 1980. It had been an operational school since 1875 and had gone through a number of buildings. The current building dates from 1954.

Yankee Hill was an elementary school until 1995 when it became the site of the district’s Elementary Behavior Skills Program (EBSP). The name, Yankee Hill, taken from the area, was no longer an official designation. The BSP was relocated, and since 1999, the Yankee Hill Program has been a specialized program for students with mental handicaps in the mild or moderate range and behavior disorders.

ZEM – Zeman Elementary

Zeman was named after Anna Zeman who started with Lincoln Public Schools in 1928. She was at Clinton until 1946 when she became assistant principal at Havelock Elementary and, in 1948, principal of College View Elementary – later called Calvert until 1968 when she retired.

Zoo School

Although it is officially called the “Science-Focus High School Program,” universally it is known as “Zoo School.”

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