Online Safety

Next month, I will be talking in my classroom lessons about on-line safety and kindness as part of the Nebraska State Standards. While this is a lesson that I really like to teach and talk with students about, the education can’t only be this one lesson a year.

Please be sure you are always monitoring what your student is doing with technology. We will be talking about even “safe” sites or apps can be dangerous if students share too much information or don’t know how to handle situations where they feel unsafe.

We also talk about how we don’t truly “know” people on the internet unless we’ve actually met them in person. Often, people (adults and children) will say, and even feel like, they “know” someone just because they see their YouTube videos every week, or their TikToks daily. That’s not truly “knowing” someone, and can open us up to say or do things we shouldn’t be saying or doing.