September is Done!

Wowza! I keep remembering Monday is October, and can’t believe it! We’re also almost done with first quarter!

I was happy to start our new bullying lessons this week! They are a fun mix of videos, demonstrations, questions, and discussion. I also created a post-assessment to check if the students had successfully learned the difference between conflict and bullying. I am happy to report every single student thus far has correctly answered at least three of the four questions correctly. I’ll continue to teach these lessons to classrooms for the next few weeks. I’m excited!

3rd Grade Needs

I have completed all the 3rd grade introductory lessons and had them complete a needs assessment. Here are the results when asked, “What are two things you would like your school counselor to talk about this year?”


Friendships and careers seem to be on their mind, and topics I hope to cover this year!

Needs Assessment Data

I have now officially met with all 4th and 5th grade students. As part of my lesson, I asked them what they’d like me to focus on this year with the prompt, “Two things I would like the counselor to teach me about this year are…”. I have compiled the data, and here are the responses.


It is clear most 4th and 5th graders would like me to focus my time on friendships and careers. This is part of why I asked the question, because I likely wouldn’t have predicted these results. When planning upcoming classroom lessons, I will share this information with staff as well to help us guide our planning.

Only a Month?

I was thinking yesterday, being the 13th, it had only been one month since school started! Thinking of everything that’s happened since the first day of school, it seems like we’ve been hard at work for a much longer time.

I’ve been able to get into most of the classrooms to introduce myself and what my job is. I’ve also had several students use the “Help Ticket” to let me know they’d like to talk. I’ve helped students solve friendship problems, discuss grief and loss, find community resources, and problem solve around problems at home. It’s good to feel needed!

I have also been spending a lot of time preparing for the bullying lessons which will begin the 24th. I’m hoping to make them as fun and informative as possible. Look for information to be coming home about the bullying curriculum, as well as a home link each time I do a lesson.

September is Here!

Wow! It’s already September! I’m happy to report we are fully into our school year, and into learning. During these first weeks, I’ve worked to meet with every student who is new to Everett. I was able to have some new student groups the first few weeks, but since then have worked to make sure every new student to Everett feels welcomed. I’ve also completed an introductory lesson about myself and the services I provide to half of the grade-level classrooms. I’ll be finishing these lessons in the next couple of weeks, and then starting on the bullying curriculum lessons which are new to LPS this year! I’m excited to start these lessons!

Please know you can always reach out to me if you have any questions. You can call the school at 436-1159, but the best way to reach me is at my e-mail address: