What are these papers?

If your student has brought home papers with a Second Step Bullying heading on them, they’re from me. For each lesson, there is a Home Link that goes home. These can serve as great conversation pieces with your student. The handout outlines the information we discussed in the lesson as well as prompts for talking about the material. These do not have to be returned, but are good information for you and your student!

What is Bullying?

What is bullying? This has been the focus of all my classroom lessons for the month of September. We discuss, at length, that bullying is when one student is mean to another, it happens more than once, and they haven’t been able to get it to stop. We talked about how bullying is different from just being mean, and that while both are problems, if someone is being unkind, a student can usually use problem-solving steps they’ve learned through Second Step to solve the problem. Bullying is when the problem keeps happening, they’ve tried to solve it and can’t, and is one-sided. Being one-sided means that a problem is considered bullying when one person is being unkind to another, but that person is not being unkind back. Having an argument with another, then, while is might be a problem isn’t bullying.

We will continue to talk about what bullying is as well as what to do when you recognize bullying in the coming months.

Testing, Testing, Testing

As I look at my planner next to me, it is FILLED with testing times for all students! Kindergarten through fifth grade are all taking MAP tests this week so that we can use the results to formulate individualized plans for students who may need extra help. Hopefully this will help all students meet our high expectations! During this testing time, please encourage your students to try their best. Also, please help your student do his or her best by making sure they’ve gotten lots of sleep and have either had breakfast at home, or are coming to school for breakfast. Remember, we open the doors at 7:40 for breakfast!