Getting Back on Track

Well we definitely had a bit of a shake up with the THREE snow days last week. As I go in and out of classrooms, I see teachers’ planners full of strike throughs and eraser marks. We are all readjusting and working to get back on track.

As we head into each new month, week, or even day, I think it is a great attitude to have of getting back on track. Sometimes kids and adults get down on themselves for a mistake or series of mistakes and begin to feel shameful of themselves as a person rather than temporary guilt for a decision they’ve made. So, if you haven’t quite done what you hoped or make a decision you wish you could take back, I offer you this challenge. From now on, you’re going to work to get back on track. What has happened, has happened, and we can use what we learned to move forward and make the best decisions possible moving ahead!