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Tuesday, March 21

Today’s Learning: How did the Crusades impact Afroeurasia?

Warm Up: Please finish your graphing activity we began yesterday. Then analyze the data on your graph on p. 94 of your notebook. What do you notice about patterns of population growth (e.g., periods of growth/decline, etc.) in each region? What might have caused these periods of growth and decline in populations? Be ready to share your analysis with the class.

Class Work: Discuss your analysis as a class.

Please close read – underline, highlight, annotate – A History of Christian/Muslim Conflict. Then write the main idea of the document on the back of the document. Include evidence from the document to support your choice. Share your main idea with your assigned travel partner. Discuss as a class.

Find the year each of the events listed below the document within the document and write the year to the right of the event. Then place the letter AND year of the event in the boxes provided in chronological order.

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