Using Visuals in Math

Students learning a new language as well as new content such as math, need to see the words and concepts they are learning. These can be visual representations of the words or symbols to represent the words but they must be referred to multiple times throughout the lesson and unit of study. Some of these concepts will be used throughout the entire course. For example, this picture:




Other concepts will only be used for the particular chapter. For example, this picture:

Teachers can have the vocabulary posted on their walls, in a pocket chart, or available electronically through a power point or other source. Teachers can also use sentence frames to support the English learner’s language development. If the teacher provides the basic sentence pattern and words, the student can focus on one or two new vocabulary words. For example, If I see a + (plus) sign, I know I need to ________. (add) These sentences can be displayed throughout the classroom, or brought out to help with specific lessons. The important aspect is to actually use the visuals and continually refer to them throughout the lessons.


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Anne Hubbell is an ELL instructional coach for LPS. She has been an ELL teacher and team leader for LPS since 1992. She has also taught English for Gretna Public Schools in Gretna, NE and Canyon Springs High School in Moreno Valley, CA.

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