ELL Teacher Leaders

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On the Same Page:  The Chronicles of ELL Coaching


Meet the ELL Teacher Leaders:

ELL Teacher Leaders work closely together and with teachers, administrators, curriculum, and assessment to provide support for English Language Learners.

Jennifer Wickard             jwickard@lps.org    436-1993

Serving:  Dawes, Goodrich, Lefler, Lux, Mickle, Moore, Lincoln East, Lincoln North Star, Lincoln Northeast

Molly Heeren           mheeren@lps.org       436-1992

Serving: Culler, Irving, Park, Pound, Schoo, Scott, Lincoln High, Southeast, Southwest

Rachael Balleweg        RBallewe@lps.org        436-1981

Brownell, Eastridge, Everett, Hartley, Holmes, Huntington, Lakeview,  Kahoa, Kooser, Meadow Lane, Morley, Pyrtle, Roper, West Lincoln

Michelle Story-Kohl         mkohl@lps.org        436-1983

Serving:  Beattie, Belmont, Campbell, Fredstrom, Maxey, McPhee, Norwood Park, Pershing, Randolph, Riley, Saratoga, Sheridan

Holly Tracy                  htracy@lps.org         436-1984

Serving:  Adams, Arnold, Calvert, Cavett, Clinton, Elliott, Hill, Humann, Kloefkorn, Prescott, Rousseau, Wysong, Zeman

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