Instructional Practices

LPS ELL Instructional Strategies

Classroom Management and ELLs

What is Sheltered Instruction and Where Can I Learn More?

Writing Language Objectives

Language Objectives in Action

Using Homework and Practice Effectively with ELLs

Content and Language Objective Examples

Planning for ELLs with SWRRL

Homework Help for Parents

Supporting ELLs’ Academic and Language Development


Capturing Stories–Overcoming “Idea Block”

Supporting Non-Speakers in Writing

Using Photobooth to Publish

Writer’s Workshop: An Introduction


Differentiation for Preproduction and Early Production Students in the Classroom

Academic Language and English Language Learners

Speaking and Listening

ELL Students at Lincoln High Use iPods to Facilitate Speaking and Listening Skills


Increasing Math Achievement Through Sentence Frames and Opportunities for Math Talk

Place Value with ELLs

Simple Strategies to Help ELLs in Math

Solving Math Word Problems with ELLs

Using Cooperative Groups in Math

Using Visuals in Math


Fluency Instruction for ELLs

Accessing Guided Reading Texts for ELL through Library Media Resources

Creating Context with Word Families

Guided Reading Considerations with ELLs

Independent Reading Practice

Language Acquisition Considerations when Assessing ELL’s Reading Proficiency

A How-To Guide to Assessing Reading Proficiency with ELLs

Thoughts About Reading–Advocating for Voluntary Reading to Promote Language Development

How do we help our English Learners understand the complexities of the English language?

Reading Comprehension: Jigsaw Cooperative Learning

Perspectives on Reading Comprehension