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Friday, February 10

Today’s Learning: How did the Mongols create an empire?

Warm Up: Please complete your first read of Document A on Google Classroom and complete the associated First Read activity on the Document Chart: How did the Mongols create an account empire? packet you received yesterday.

Class Work: Share the two things you know for sure about the Mongols with your table partner. Discuss as class.

Read Document A a second time. Respond to the Second Read questions on the Document ChartStand up and hold up 2 fingers. Find a partner. Share 2 things you wrote down with your partner.

Read Document A a third time. Mark evidence for villains (-) or cultural brokers (+). Write down the best evidence you found to support each position on the Document Chart. Stand up and hold up 3 fingers. Find a different partner. Share the evidence you cited.

Describe the stories you hear on today’s CNN 10 on p. 82 of your notebook.

Have a weekend!

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