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Thursday, September 15

Today’s Learning: Why do we look at things from far away and close up?

Warm Up:┬áPlease make sure you have located and labeled the seven places important to you on your Maps of My Life – My Dream Room map and that your map has a title and is colorful.

Class Work: Swap your Dream Room maps with the Asia Tour travel partner you worked with yesterday, study the information found on your partner’s map, and write a conclusion about your travel partner based on that information on the back of the map. Share with the class. Hand back to the original owner, then hand in. Class discussion of using maps for corroboration and contextualization.

Attach your Maps of My Life – World and Lincoln to p. 15 of your notebook with a hinge.

Afroeurasia Notes, notebook p. 16.

Begin work on Habits of Mind formative assessment.



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