This is Unit 1 Week 6 in Reading…

That means this is the week of our UNIT ASSESSMENT.

There will be NO SPELLING this week but we will be working through the Unit Assessment all week. Please help your student(s) out but making sure they are getting a good night’s rest and have an opportunity at home or at school to eat a good breakfast. Thanks.

Information about grading to remember…

Remember: We use Standards-Based Grading for all areas in Elementary School. A “4” is NOT equivalent to an “A” and a “3” is NOT equal to a “B”.
Standards-Based Grading

The Elementary Report Card (ERC) is a standards-based report. That is, students are measured against an absolute standard/expectation, not their progress toward meeting that standard. In mathematics, students’ progress is measured in four different content strands: Number (NUM), Algebra (ALG), Geometry (GEO), and Data (DAP). Students are also given a score for work/study habits.

  • A mark of “3” for a strand shows that a student has met grade level expectations with respect to the strand. In order to earn a “3” for a content strand, students must demonstrate mastery (fluency, flexibility, and retention) of content within that strand. A mark of “3” indicates that the student is well prepared for content in subsequent grade levels. Mastery of grade level standards is the primary goal of mathematics instruction.
  • A mark of “4” for a strand shows that a student has exceeded grade level expectations with respect to the strand. In order to earn a “4” for a content strand, students must demonstrate mastery (fluency, flexibility, and retention) of content within that strand with a minimal amount of re-teaching and successfully complete the appropriate performance tasks for the strand. See Assessment section for more details. A mark of “4” indicates that a student is working above grade level and should be rare.
  • A mark of “1” or “2” for a strand shows that a student has not yet met grade level expectations with respect to the strand. A mark of “1” or “2” indicates that the student is not yet prepared for content in subsequent grade levels. Teachers must provide additional instruction for students who have not yet mastered grade level standards. It is important to communicate concerns about student progress to parents well in advance of assigning a mark of “1” or “2” on the ERC.

More Saltdogs Information

Hello Parents/Guardians,

The 5th grade Saltdogs field trip is next Wednesday, August 23rd. We wanted to give you information so that you can plan accordingly. Students need to decide if they are going to bring a lunch from home or get one from school. We need to put in a lunch count to the cafeteria tomorrow. We eat our lunch at the Saltdogs stadium upon arrival.

A few things to keep in mind:

1.) Due to space, parents cannot sit by their student’s class during the game.

2.) You may purchase a Saltdogs baseball ticket, and sign your child out with your child’s fifth grade teacher if you want them to sit by you (in another location).

3.) If a parent would like to sign their child out at the conclusion of the Saltdogs game they may do so, however they will need to get us a note or letter ahead of time.

4.) Students are encouraged to wear their walkathon t-shirt from last year.

5.) We ask that student please do not bring money to the game.

For the field trip students should bring a water bottle, and a hat if they wish. Sunscreen should be applied at home before the child comes to school.

Thank you,

Prescott 5th grade team

Salt Dogs Field Trip!!

Saltdogs Parent Letter

To Parents/Guardians of 5th Grade Students: On Wednesday, August 23, LPS 5th grade students will attend the Lincoln Saltdogs baseball game in Haymarket Park. This community event is made possible by the generous sponsorship of the Lincoln Saltdogs organization. Thanks go to many parents who have also contributed. Free bus transportation and admission will be provided for all students. The first pitch will be at 11:00 am. School staff will accompany their students to the game that is expected to end about 1:30 pm. LPS and charter busses will transport students from school to the game, then return them to school prior to dismissal. Students may bring a sack lunch and refillable water bottle to the game or they may order lunch from the school cafeteria. Students should come to school with sunscreen applied, as they will be outside for several hours. We also recommend that students wear a hat. This field trip can provide many opportunities for 5th graders to apply what they are learning in a variety of curricular areas. It is also an effective and fun way for students to learn about their community and some of the outstanding resources Lincoln has to offer its citizens. During the game LPS students will lead the singing of the national anthem, serve as guest announcers, and participate in activities between innings. Students will remain with their teachers during the game. The public will also be admitted to this game, however no alcoholic beverages or peanut products will be sold. Parents are welcome to purchase tickets and attend the game, but they will not be able to sit with their students. We look forward to making this field trip a special day for our 5th grade students as they begin their final year of elementary school. If you have any questions about this event, please contact your student’s 5th grade teacher.