HopeSpoke Parenting Classes


Funding through the Community Health Endowment has allowed for HopeSpoke to offer three different Active Parenting Classes for parents specific to their child’s age: Parents of 0-5 Year Olds, Parents of 5-12 Year Olds, and Parents of Teens. The Active Parenting Model is evidenced based with over 20 years of research. Anyone is welcome to participate! Classes include information on reactive vs. proactive parenting, communication, non-violent discipline methods, bonding and attachment, school preparedness, and much more. Each course is offered on a quarterly basis at varying times. Classes are 4 or 6 weeks in duration and meet once per week for 2 hours. The cost per course is $40; however, dependent upon financial status a reduced rate is possible. Participants will receive a parent’s guide and/or workbook, snacks at each class, and an incentive for completing the course. For additional information please contact our office via phone or email parentingprogram@hopespoke.org.