It’s almost WINTER BREAK….

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 8.33.54 AMPlay this game to review your unit 5 words.

Take your vocabulary unit 5 quiz.  Login with your first and last name + 898 (marenbanwell898) and your normal password.

Diff – this is the link to your review game and then to your Latin unit 5 quiz.

EVERYONE:  After your quiz, review figurative language by playing this game.  Show me when you beat it!

If you still have time after that, choose any of the games or videos under the NESA-R Practice tab and Figurative Language.  NO AGARIO!



  1. Highlight your ENTIRE narrative
  2. Hit the apple key and C at the same time to COPY
  3. Open Microsoft Word (big blue W in dock)
  4. Paste your story by hitting the apple key and V at the same time
  5.  Go up to TOOLS  and choose SPELLING and GRAMMAR to edit your narrative
  6. Copy the edited one and paste it into goog – erase the one that was there – this is the one I will grade.  Have at least one other person read it over and make sure it’s AMAZING!

Play this game to review vocabulary unit 5

Diff – play this game or use these flashcards to review Latin unit 5