Peak & Everest


Everest training video (1:26 min.)

Jordan Romero on Today Show – goals ( 3:26 min)

Jordan Romero is he too young?  ( news 8:37 min.)

Jordan Romero – youngest to climb Seven Summits (1 min.)

Jordan Romero summitting Everest  (20/20 1:50 min.)

Perils of Climbing Mount Everest (CBS, 1:40 min.)

Website with bodies

Left to Die (National Geographic 3:20)

Overcrowding on Everest (CBS, 4:22 min.)

Narrow Ledge (Discovery 1:00 min.)

Joby Ogwyn’s plan to jump off Everest in wing-suit (CNN 1:45 min)

Joby Ogwyn’s:  You Sit, You Die – oxygen regulator problem (3 min)

French Spiderman (BBC 1:33 min)

April 18, 2014 Sherpa’s account of deadly avalanche into K. Icefall (51 sec.)

The Deadliest Day New York Times 4/18/14  Justice for Sherpas? (5 min 34 sec)

Sherpas:  The True Heroes of Everest (2 min)

South Col Summit 2009 (9 min)