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March 6: More photosynthesis and cellular respiration

Today we reviewed what we did last week with photosynthesis.  We went through our guided reading and then I introduced an interactive on cellular respiration.  I assigned a tri-fold project that will compare photosynthesis with cellular respiration as well as show a plant’s energy cycle just like the one on page 118 in the text.  The tri-fold assignment should show the drawings and equations of cellular respiration on one panel, photosynthesis on another panel and a depiction of the cycle on 118 on the third panel.  On the inside of the tri-fold should be a written description of the three process and how they work.  They should be as detailed, creative and colorful as possible.  It’s due tomorrow.  The link to the interactive can be found here:  They only need to view “The Big Picture” portion of the animation for the project.  The live link isn’t working, so copy and paste the address into your browser.


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