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May 13th

8th: Today we finished up our Paper Pet Family Project.  Tomorrow, more probability and genetics.

7th: Today we started a review of the last 8 weeks and more Carbon Nation!

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May 10th

8th: Today we started a genetics project where we made aper pet families that display certain genotypes and phenotypes.  Good stuff!

7th: Intro into fossil fuels and alternative energy sources.

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May 8th

8th: Today we worked through a review of DNA and studied the genetics of obesity.

7th:  Today we reviewed Biodiversity and green technology.

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May 7th

8: Today we worked through more Genetics and Heredity, and watched a short video on the Autistic Gene.  Interesting stuff!

7th: Today we worked through the questions on page 105 in class, and finished 15 minutes of Carbon Nation.  The statistics I gave are important to remember!

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May 6th

8th: Intro to Heredity and Genetics

7th: Intro to Biodiversity and Carbon Nation!

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May 3rd

8th: Today we had a short cancer quiz that took far longer than I expected.  Next up, Heredity.

7th: Today we finished out Biomes project.  Next up, Biodiversity.

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May 1st

8th: Intro to Cancer!  Very interesting subject and I really hope the kids get into it!

7th:  Today we compared deserts and the tundra, and watched the remaining section of An Inconvenient Truth.

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April 30th

8th:  Cell Division Quiz and the Intro to Cancer

7th:  Today we compared Deciduous forests and Boreal forests.  Yesterday was Tropical and Temperate Rainforests.

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April 26th

8th:  NESA science test

7th:  Review of biome characteristics and more Inconvenient Truth.

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April 25th

8th:  Today we reviewed the cell division process after a short pop quiz.  We took some notes and then watched  a PBS/Nova video on stem cell research.

7th:  Today was our Invasive Species Research day in the computer lab.  The worksheet and the Powerpoint should be completed at home if possible!  Next we might be able to send some kids to the lab to finish if they need it.

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