Outfield Drills

Lincoln Southwest vs. Lincoln Southeast, prep baseball, 4.2.2014

Taylor Richards tracks down a ball hit to deep center field in 2013

Fielding Ground Balls:
Ground balls in a non-throwing situation:
1. Get to the baseball
2. Go down on one knee to field the ball
3. Foot that stays up, don’t let it get out in front of your glove
4. Don’t try to block it, field it with your glove
Ground balls in a throwing situation:
1. Get to the baseball
2. Throwing side foot forward when fielding the ball
3. One step then crow hop
^Drill for this is to have players with their front foot forward and throw the ball directly into their glove so they can work on the one step, crow hop.

Catching Fly Balls:
• Try to catch every ball with straight up and down fingers
• When catching a fly ball, only catch with two hands when it’s a non throwing situation
Fly balls throwing situation:
1. Catch the ball on glove side, fingers up
2. Get the ball across your chest to your throwing hand
3. Catch ball step with non-throwing foot, to throwing foot when crow hoping
Spin move drill– coach throws ball to player on the run, as player is catching he crow hops into his spin. Make sure player lines up his shoulders with where he wants to throw too. Also can be done off a ground ball.
^Use a net for them to throw into so they know their throw is on line
Reverse pivot drill– this is used when you’re running to hard after a ball and have too much momentum. Roll ground ball or throw fly ball, outfielder plants on his throwing foot and turn into your throw. Use net for players to throw into. Throw fly ball or ground ball towards first and have them throw to 3rd base to help simulate reverse pivot.