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Coach Danson

Golf Expectations: Coach Danson:


* You can only play one hole at a time. That’s the first step toward how to think like a pro. Stay in the present!
* Resist the urge to add it up. If you anticipate your score, you’ll be distracted from the task at hand. Avoid thinking about breaking a personal
record or blowing a lead.
* Focus! Concentrate on hitting great shots rather than worrying about bad ones or what others think if you miss. Visualize the ball going to your target. If your mind wanders, take a moment to refocus and start over again.
* Keep your mind on the hole you’re playing. Don’t worry about the shot you just missed, or how you’re going to play the 18th. Taking care of the present lets the future take care of itself.

Keep pressure in perspective~”PRESSURE IS A PRIVILEGE NOT EVERYONE HAS IT”!

Here a some important things to remember…

1. Pressure is not a bad thing unless you let it control you! It’s a natural reaction of the human body to feel a sense of anxiousness when something important is on the line. It means you care. That’s a good thing! You have to ACCEPT that it will appear!
2. You must PREPARE yourself for this feeling.  The reason golfers don’t succeed in tense situations is because they don’t know what to do once they feel it coming on. Most people just try to avoid it and when it happens – they are lost and inevitably it overtakes them. Just as emergency responders continuously practice their calculated response for a crisis – golfers need to practice their response when that anxiousness starts to rise in their body. Here are some ideas on how to become better prepared for pressure…

– Practice under pressure- Most amateur golfers go out to the range with a bucket of hundreds of balls in front of them and they just hit, shovel another ball, hit, shovel, repeat.. – The outcome of the shot being meaningless. This is clearly not like anything we encounter on the golf course. We have one ball. One shot. Set aside a portion of your practice time where you set goals for yourself that you have to achieve before you leave. Grab a buddy and have a contest with them. Anything to make your practice more competitive and like an on-course situation.

– Understand YOU- Pressure shows itself in many different ways depending on the individual. Some players speed up while others slow way down. Heart rates rise and hands shake. What was an offensive mindset all day suddenly turns into defensive mode? So many things can happen – but it’s crucial that you have an awareness of how YOU react under pressure so you know how to defend them when they show up.

– Stick to your routine – You hear it all the time – yet it is absolutely one of the best ways to manage pressure situations. As humans – we are creatures of habit and tend to feel “comfortable” when we have a routine. When all of a sudden we have a crucial shot on the last hole – we can rely on our routine that we’ve rehearsed thousands of times to bring us “comfort” and keep our mind from getting distracted.

The more experiences you have under pressure – the easier it is. So embrace it! And no matter the outcome – learn from it so you can prepare even better for the next time!

*”Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”

**Attendance Expectations:
Practice: You are expected to be on time, to all practices. Golfers MUST not miss the tee times or else you will be disqualified for the tournament. (Rule6-3)

School: Students athletes are expected to follow the Southwest attendance policy. Excessive tardies and / or absences from class could result in some disciplinary action taken regarding your participation, including your removal from the team.

Tournaments: Students are expected to furnish their own transportation to all in town tournaments.   Transportation is provided to all out of town tournaments.

Qualifying for Varsity or JV Tournament: The Coach reserve the right to make up his team.

**Care of Equipment and Uniform:
1. Athletes will be issued a uniform and other equipment. It is the responsibility of each student-athlete to properly care for this equipment
during the golf season.
2. At the end of the season, student-athletes will be informed of the date when equipment is to be returned. Failure to return uniform and
equipment will result in a fine.
3. The equipment that was issued to you is your responsibility. You must return the same equipment that was checked out to you. If you lose it, you must pay for it.
4. Equipment must be returned clean and ready for storage by the same individual to whom it was issued.

**Causes for disciplinary actions:* Each case will be dealt with by the coach and on an individual basis.
Some actions that could cause some disciplinary action are:
1. Use of illegal drugs ˆ Examples, Tobacco or alcohol.
2. Fighting, throwing golf club, using language or behavior that shows disrespect towards team member, opponent, or COACH.
3. Unexcused absences or tardies from practice or school.
4. Inappropriate behavior in school.
5. Ineligibility due to academic performance.
6. Other actions deemed inappropriate or detrimental to the team may also result in disciplinary action.
7. Any rule determined by the COACH.

~The “COACH” has the right to interpret the rules.

**Important Considerations and Expectations for all Southwest Golfers:

1. Remember that attendance at all practices is expected. When you need to miss a practice please come and see me in room A112 or A117 TPC or call me at 436-1306, extension #66124 and leave a message.  Do not tell your team members to tell “the coach” about your absence to practice or Tournaments!  It is up to “YOU” to tell me about your absence in person or call MY CELL NUMBER 402-937-3976
2. Maintain a positive outlook and encourage your teammate.
3. You MUST always be on time to practice and Tournaments/Meets.
4. If you have a problem, come and see me.
5. Be gracious winners and good losers, but NEVER be satisfied with losing.
6. Remember that you are a student-athlete. Don’t neglect your studies, they come first, {Grade check will be made during the golf season and  if you have an F or 2 or more D YOU WILL BE BENCHED for the upcoming Tournament or Meet.
7. Develop self-discipline, so that others don’t have to discipline you!!!

Coach Jim Danson
School: 436-1306 extension # 66124
Cell: 402-937-3976
Web Page Address:

Lincoln Southwest Golfer’s Honor Code:

“I/We will not lie, steal or cheat nor tolerate among us anyone who does.” –Air Force Academy

 Golfers are expected to report themselves for any rules violation.  Furthermore, they must confront any other player or players they believe may have violated the rules and report the incident if the situation is not resolved.  This creates an atmosphere of trust and accountability to our TEAM!

I have read the information above/handbook and any violation will be dealt with and may include your removal from the golf team.

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