Continuing the Journey

This semester has been going quickly already and we are just around the corner from Conferences. We have been writing and reading along with vocabulary study in all classes. We are learning about the Holocaust. We have been reading stories from multiple perspectives and learning background information about the Global events that occurred during that timeframe. Some concepts can be hard to untangle but the Students are doing a great job. Students have read an allegory, heard testimony from Survivors and we are reading a play. Students are doing a great job with discussion and participation as we learn about this subject and learn compassion and understanding within ourselves.

We will be continuing to read and write and work toward understanding ourselves and the world.

Conferences will be coming up soon and hopefully we will see many people there at Scott.


We started off the week with a lot of energy and excitement in the building. I am excited to work with all the learners as we gain the momentum that they need to enter High School. We talked about Journeys (more on that on the student publishing page) and started practicing the routines and collaborative processes that we will be working on all year. Please check the class pages for the latest updates and using the Pinnacle login – PIV for short, (located on the sidebar of each page) for grades and information.
I am looking forward to a great year of learning. Thanks for checking in and welcome to the journey.