Intramural Activities

Cancellations-  In the event of a cancellation, LPS will once again notify 1240AM and 1400AM.   New this year is LPS has added a twitter account , #LPSAthletics where cancellations will also be announced.

Intramural Information Center

Get signed up for one or more of this year’s  Schoo sports. First, join the Intramural Classroom by using the Google Classroom code – pad0kp.  Second, pick the sport(s) you want to play from the assignments on that classroom page.  Third, complete the sign-up form for the sports you are interested in playing.

Games and Practice Schedule

Practice and Bus Expectations

LPS Handbook for Intramural Sports

Skyhawk Conduct

Students will be expected to follow these expectations, just like in the classroom:

  • Be respectful to all teammates, coaches, opponents, and schools
  • Be active participants in all practice activities
  • Be on time and stay for the duration of practice
  • Respect all equipment for the school and for personal safety
  • Athletes are at practice to focus on their events and learn/improve skills; not messing around with teammates.
  • Avoid using profanity or any language inappropriate for school
  • Athletes will display good character and follow proper etiquette at all events


The mission of the LPS intramural program is to provide every student with a chance to participate.  With our traditionally high number of students that participate in intramurals, our coaches try their best to make sure everyone gets adequate playing time. However, some factors that may affect playing time include:

  • Attendance
  • Effort/behavior in practice
  • Adhering to the Skyhawk Conduct

8th Period

Schoo has 8th Period for students who need to come in after school to make up work for their teachers. To make sure our students are succeeding in the classroom first, if a student has 8th Period, they will be excused from practice. If they come to practice or not show up to 8th Period knowing they were expected, it will be an unexcused absence.

Behavior Policy

In the intramural program, we use a three-strike policy:

  • Not meeting expectations the first time will result in the student-athlete not participating in the next practice
  • A second infraction will result in the loss of their next competition
  • A third offense will result in the student being dismissed from the team

Parents/Guardians will be notified when a student has received their strikes.

Practice Clothes

Students need to be dressed in order be successful at practice and meets:

  • Clothes appropriate for PE should be worn for practice
  • Comfortable shoes to compete in
  • Schoo jerseys are provided at meets & required for competition (return at end of meet)
  • No electronic devices or jewelry

Locker Room Policy

Students will have access to the locker rooms before/after practice. Students must lock their belongings in their locker to avoid the chance of items becoming stolen or lost.

Closed Practice

The LPS intramural program has a closed practice policy. Because of security and safety issues, spectators (including parents) are not able to watch practice. Please wait outside to pick up your child.


The activity bus will provide a ride home for any student who can ride a bus to school.  All other participants should have rides arranged with parents to pick them up in the North parking lot at 4:15.

Late Bus Schedule