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  1. Diane Taurins
    Diane Taurins

    I don’t understand your question. The 6th grade dance was yesterday, the 7th grade dance is today (Thursday) and the 8th grade dance is on Friday.

  2. Max Walla

    Sorry I mean like for 6th graders. When is the next dance for 6th graders? (Sorry I forgot about the quesion I sent I while ago…)

  3. Diane Taurins
    Diane Taurins

    The next dances have not been scheduled yet. You’ll see posters in the hallway and it will be in the announcements.

  4. Brooke Nelson

    I wanted to know when the talent show is

  5. Diane Taurins
    Diane Taurins

    The date of the talent show has not been set. It is performed for a student audience only though.

  6. Brenda Gausman

    Are the list of clubs current on the website and when do the clubs officially start? All of the clubs state a finish time after school except for Choir, does that end at 4 also?

  7. Diane Taurins
    Diane Taurins

    All the clubs end at 4. The list is not finished yet, but there will be posters and flyers soon. They are also announced during the morning announcements and those are also on Schoo’s webpage.

  8. Diane Taurins
    Diane Taurins

    Retakes are October 25th.
    It’s probably better if you direct questions to Schoo’s Facebook page, rather than here.

  9. Jessica Soto

    When are the boys basketball try-outs? (7th grade)

  10. Diane Taurins
    Diane Taurins

    It’s on the announcements –
    Boys’ basketball will start this week after school. Seventh grade tryouts will be tomorrow (Jan. 5th), and eighth grade tryouts will be Friday (Jan. 6th).

  11. Diane Taurins
    Diane Taurins

    You should have already received report cards. If there is a problem, please stop in or call the Schoo office, 402-436-1222.

  12. Diane Taurins
    Diane Taurins

    It’s different every day. There are posters in all the school hallways with the schedules. The students have that info as well.

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