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February 8

Conferences were February 5 and 7.  It was wonderful talking to so many parents!  If you missed conferences, don’t worry!  You can check in anytime though email.  I will be happy to answer any of your questions!

In writing we started a poetry unit.  Students will need to keep a writer’s notebook. They will be given 100 points (formative) for a complete notebook that is dated, titled, and includes an example or two of each type of poem.  At the end of the unit, they must also turn in a poetry book with their seven best poems.  This will be 100 points for a summative grade.

Writing Lesson for February 4-8

Monday’s Lesson:  Poetry vs. Prose

Tuesday’s Lesson:  Choral Poems

Wednesday’s Lesson:  The Power of Poetry

Thursday’s Lesson:  Service Project for Clark Jeary

Friday’s Lesson:  Figurative Language

Literature Assignments

The AM Language Arts class is reading the book, Wonder.  They should be on page 80 by February 14.  Some PM students are completing, Counting by 7s.  Other students are starting, Brown Girl Dreaming.  They should be on page 79 by February 14.  The students do not have to complete a literature journal for February 14, but journals will be due again on February 21.

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