Welcome to Scott Middle School

Dave Knudsen, Principal

I am honored to be the principal at Scott Middle School, home of the Shining Stars.

At Scott Middle School, our staff takes great pride in holding our students to high expectations in academics, behavior, and social skills.  We believe in the Scott Mission Statement: Scholarship, Commitment, Opportunity, Teamwork, and Tradition.

Scott Middle School serves students in grades 6-8.  Each grade level has two instructional teams.  This model provides the opportunity for the students and teachers to be a part of a team community.  Each grade level also has a counselor who works closely with the students, their families, and teachers.  We have many other support services for students.  Some of these include: The Learning Center that provides individual academic support, BIST (Behavior Intervention Support Team) creates a positive learning environment through consistent expectation throughout the building, Student Assistant Team establishes individual plans for students in the areas of academics, social skills, and/or behavior.  We also support students through a strong Academic Connection (i.e. Art, Music, Computer, Family Consumer Science, Industrial Technology, etc.) program and staff.  We know technology is an important part of today’s world; as a result, we promote the use of technology and computers as a regular element of classroom routine and instruction.

Our goal is to provide students with a rigorous academic curriculum, a safe and positive learning environment, and a school where all students feel welcome and a strong connection to the school community.  We take great pride in focusing on our student’s strength and individual differences by honoring diversity and celebrating achievements.  We encourage parent support of their student and feel an involved parent is the most important piece of a successful education.


Dave Knudsen


 4th Annual 6A Make a Difference Fair

     The fourth annual Make a Difference Fair will be held on Thursday, March 5, from 4:30-6:00 in the Scott multipurpose room. The public is invited to attend. This event has raised over $20,000 for various organizations to improve a variety of social issues in Lincoln and around the world. Sixth grade students on the 6A team have been busy researching a social issue to answer the research question of “What can I do to make a difference for a social issue?”  After learning the steps of the research process in the school library with the school librarian Mrs. Hellwege, each student wrote a research paper about their topic, what is it, why it is a problem in society, what others are already doing about it, and finally, what they can do about it.
     The students learned how to write a persuasive paper from their language arts teachers: Mrs. Beran, Mr. Danley, Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Ridder and then were put into groups with similar topics (hunger, animal abuse, childhood cancer, etc.) The groups are preparing for the upcoming Make a Difference Fair, where each group will have a booth full of information about their social issue and an organization that is helping to improve it.  The students invite you to come to learn how you can make a difference in our world.