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About Me

Hello! My name is Catherine Wittstruck, and I am a member of the 6B Team.  My teaching partners are Ms. Burkey, our team leader, Mr. Barada, Mrs. Oakland-Maxwell, Mr. Rump, Mr. Schoen, Mrs. Suiter, and Mr. Zetterman.  Ms. Wojtasek is our special education teacher, and our counselors are Mrs. Beatty and Mrs. Millnitz.

I grew up on a farm near Denton, Nebraska, the youngest of eight children. I graduated from Crete High School and Doane University with a double major in Elementary and Special Education. I also received my Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Doane University.

I taught at Brownell Elementary and Zeman Elementary before coming to Scott Middle School. This is my 18th year to teach at Scott.

My Family



Taken July 20, 2019 outside Hills City, South Dakota


My husband, Brad, and I just celebrated our 41st anniversary.  This summer the whole family gathered in the Black Hills of South Dakota for a special celebration!  It is always a celebration when we are all able to be together!

We have three children. Our daughter, Erin, graduated from Northwest Missouri State University in 2002, and earned her MBA in 2009.   She was married in 2006. She, her husband, Eric, and children, Noel, Claire, and Ian live in Columbus, Ohio.  Our son, Nathan, graduated from Dana College in 2005. He earned his Master of Economics in 2013.  He served in the Peace Corps in Panama from 2007 – 2010.  He now lives in Washington D.C. and works for the Environmental Protection Agency.  Our youngest son, Tyler, graduated from Northwest Missouri State University in 2008 and earned his MBA in 2010.  He was married in 2011 and he and his wife, Alisha, now live and work in Olathe, Kansas.  They have three daughters, Cora, Isla, and Delia.

In 2008 our whole family was able to visit Nathan in Panama while he was serving in the Peace Corps.  The trip included a two day stay in his village in the mountains.  It was such a joy to see his “Panama home,” and the wonderful people he called his family!  This family trip was truly a life changing experience!

Since 2008, I have been able to take some other wonderful trips with Nathan.  We have traveled to Guatemala, back to Panama, Colombia, Peru, and India.  Exploring the jungles of Tikal, taking a four day hike to Machu Picchu, walking the beautiful streets of Old Town Cartegena, and visiting the spectacular Taj Mahal were highlights I will never forget.  Each trip was so amazing and a remarkable learning experience.

Since our children are not living in Nebraska, my husband and I spend a lot of time traveling to see them!  We also enjoy trips to other places, especially the Caribbean!   I also enjoy working outside on our acreage, gardening, walking, baking, antiquing, painting barn quilts, and reading.