August 15, 2017

West Lincoln will be celebrating the total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017. This event is unique, only occurring once every 500 years in the Midwest, and we want to help make this something your student will remember forever. To help you understand this event, here are some basic Q&As and information.
What’s happening on August 21, 2017 – and why is it special?
A total solar eclipse. The moon will completely block the sun in Lincoln for up to almost two minutes in the middle of the day. The moon falls between the Earth and the sun once every month, however, usually the shadow appears above or below the earth. When an eclipse shadow does occur on earth, it typically falls on the ocean. A total eclipse has not been viewed in Lincoln for 500 years (before there was a Lincoln, or even a Nebraska) – and it will be 500 years until it returns.
What happens during a total solar eclipse?
During midday it will get dark as if it is dusk, but because it happens so fast it will feel much darker and we will notice things we experience at night: Crickets chirp, birds roost, temperatures drop and the brightest stars are visible. But the most amazing sight happens in the sky: We will be able to view the sun’s corona, which will appear as a wispy shape around the moon.
How are we going to safely view the eclipse?
Our primary goal in LPS is keeping our students and staff safe. Students and staff will wear special, medically-approved solar eclipse glasses to protect their eyes – and will receive full direction in how to use them for safe viewing. The Science Curriculum Department has been working with LPS and community experts to build awareness and safety.
Students in 1st-5th Grade will view the eclipse under close supervision during recess and the whole school viewing from 12:45-1:20. Students will eat a sack lunch outside. Glasses will be provided for each student and teachers will be practicing the procedures for safe viewing several times before next Monday.
Who gets to participate?
Assuming weather is clear and calm on eclipse day, all LPS staff and students in grades 1-12 – who have not opted for indoors – will participate directly. Our youngest children will have a virtual experience, but will still get the same cool eclipse glasses as everyone else.
Kindergarten students will view the partial eclipse through Solar Filter Sheet through the window and they will be under the porch for the full eclipse.
What if I want my child to stay inside and have a virtual experience?
Please come to the West Lincoln Office to fill out an “opt out” form and we will provide students an experience inside the school building.

PTO Meeting
Please join us for our first PTO Meeting of the year. We will be finalizing our fundraising options and planning for our upcoming Family Fun Night. We are in need of volunteers to help on that night as well. Please join us in the library at 5:30pm.

Ayuda en español
Si usted necesita ayuda en español por favor llame a Magdalena Benton al numero 402-436 – 1887 . Por favor deje un mensaje con su nombre y numero de teléfono para regresarle la llamada. También estaré en la escuela los lunes, jueves, y viernes por la mañana de 9:00 a 11:00.

5th graders and their teachers hit the ball field on Wednesday, August 23, along with several hundred other LPS 5th graders as part of the annual Salt Dogs ballgame outing. The game is a community-building activity to celebrate the start of another great school year! Notes regarding the field trip went home with your student on the first day of school.

Aug. 21 Total Solar Eclipse
No School for Early Childhood Students
Aug. 22 PTO Meeting, 5:30pm
Aug. 23 Saltdogs Field Trip, 5th Grade
Aug. 29 PLC day, Students Dismiss at 2:18pm
No School for Early Childhood Students

May 8, 2017

May Events

May 10 Spring Chorus Concert, 6:30pm

May 16 PTO Meeting, 5:30pm (Childcare Provided)

May 16 Runza Night, 5:00-8:00pm – 11th & Cornhusker

All proceeds support the West Lincoln PTO.

Tell your family and friends and join us for this worthwhile fundraising event.

May 18 Early Childhood Presentation, 5:30-6:30pm

May 24 Last Day of School

Students are not permitted to bring their backpacks on the last day of school.


The summer mailing will include information specific to West Lincoln Elementary. Like last year, the Important Information Handbook will be online this year. Each family, who has an email address, will be sent a link to this booklet. You will be able to access the booklet at any time on the LPS website. If you do not have an email listed with us, you will be sent a paper copy.

Summer Information

To keep up to date with West Lincoln news you may visit our website at:

Negative Meal Balances

Negative meal balances need to be paid in full before June 2, 2017. The parent/guardian is responsible to pay for all school meal purchases made by their student(s). Negative balances can be paid in the school office or sent to Accounting, LPSDO Box 2, 5905 O Street, Lincoln, NE 68510.

Also, online payments can be made through May 28th at:

Negative balance meal accounts will be referred to a collection agency if they are not paid. If you have questions regarding your child’s negative meal account, please contact Accounting at 402-436-1700.


Library books are now due! If your child received an overdue notice, please help them look around and find their book and return it as soon as possible. Thank you!



WHO: West Lincoln Families-Students, Parents, Siblings

WHAT: Summer Events for the Whole Family!

  • Hands-On Activities & Projects
  • Field Trips with Transportation
  • Light Supper
  • Camp Wonderopolis Online Resources
  • Free Books

WHERE: West Lincoln Elementary

WHEN: Thursday Evenings- 6:00-8:00pm

  • June 1
  • June 8-Family Field trip to Lincoln Children’s Museum
  • June 15
  • June 22
  • June 29
  • July 6-Family Field trip to Morrill Hall

More information will be coming home in the next couple weeks.

Past Newsletters

April 3 Report Cards Sent Home
14-17 Schools Not in Session
April 18 Classes Resume
April 18 PTO Meeting, 6:00pm
April 20 All School Run
April 21 Last Day of Clubs
April 21 4th & 5th Grade Students to Sheldon Art Gallery
April 24 Kindergarten Field Trip to Chet Ager
April 25 PLC day, Students Dismiss at 2:18pm
No School for Early Childhood Students
April 27 Band and Strings Concert, 6:00pm
April 28 Students in elementary schools NOT in attendance

During 4th quarter, students in grades 3-5 will take the Nebraska State Accountability Test. All third, fourth, and fifth graders will take a reading and math test. Fifth graders will also take a science test. Please avoid scheduling appointments for your child during the testing window.

NeSA Schedule
3rd Grade English Language Arts:
April 11 & 13 from 11:00-12:30pm

3rd Grade Math:
April 18 & 20 from 1100-12:30pm

4th Grade English Language Arts:
April 11 & 12 from 12:30-3:30pm

4th Grade Math:
April 19 & 20 from 9:00-11:00am

5th Grade English Language Arts:
April 4 & 6 from 10:00-12:15pm

5th Grade Math:
April 11& 13 from 10:00-12:15pm

5th Grade Science:
April 18 & 20 from 10:00-12:15pm

The Lost and Found Bin is still full! Please stop by to claim jackets, lunch boxes, etc. Items left after April 7th will be donated to the Peoples City Mission.
If you haven’t already, please return spring pictures money, envelope and any unwanted pictures to the office.

Spring Performance

The students in strings and band is April 27th. The performance beings at 6:00pm.
Please look for notes coming home with specific directions for students who are performing.

PLC Day-April 25th

Dismissal @ 2:18 P.M.

Just a friendly reminder that there is a PTO meeting April 18 at 6:00pm in the media center. Childcare provided. We hope that you can join us and be a part of the fun!

The portables have been removed. We are following the same dismissal pattern. The only thing different is the door that students walk out. AS always, thank you for your continued assistance and support.

March 21 PTO Meeting, 6:00pm
March 22 5th Grade Field Trip, Earth Wellness Festival
March 23 Goodrich Middle School Open House, 6:00-7:00pm
March 27 Goodrich Middle School Open House, 6:00-7:00pm
March 28 PLC day, Students Dismiss at 2:18pm
No School for Early Childhood Students
March 31 Spring Picture Packets Due

PLC Day-March 28th

Dismissal @ 2:18 P.M.

Just a friendly reminder that there is a PTO meeting tomorrow night at 6:00pm in the media center. Snacks and childcare provided. We hope that you can join us and be a part of the fun!

The Lost and Found Bin is full! Please stop by to claim jackets, lunch boxes, etc. Unclaimed items will be donated.

• Today was the first day since 1990 that WL was all under one roof…this is exciting! Music, Art, and ELL have all moved into the old Kindergarten wing.
• In a week or so Door #6 will close for several weeks due to the removal of the portables. Students who enter the building through the back doors will now enter door #9(PE doors).
• Students will still be allowed to line up on the north side of the building, who are not going to breakfast. Students not going to breakfast should not be on school grounds until 8:50am. We need your help with this.
• They will begin to remove the portables beginning the week of March 27. After the portables are removed, they will begin work on the cement slab for the playground.


• Picture packages were sent home today, March 20th.
• Picture purchase is optional. Refer to details inside package on how to buy.
• Do not pay sales Tax!
• Return picture money, envelope and any unwanted pictures to school by March 31st.
• For questions contact Lifetouch

Backpack Extra Mile Walk

Classrooms are still collecting money for the backpack walk. Students can bring money thru March 24th. Students can bring in as much change as they can to fill up the jars in their classroom. The classroom that brings in the most change will earn a trophy and Pizza Party. Every penny helps! A little change can make a big difference.
We have set a school wide goal of raising $1000. If we meet this goal we get to “slime” Mr. Schwartz, Mrs. Fuller, AND Mrs. Rose!! In front of the whole school!

February 27, 2017

Feb. 28 PLC day, Students Dismiss at 2:18pm

No School for Early Childhood Students

March 2 Zoetis-LPS-GSK Science Fair
March 2 Read Across America
March 8 8:00-6:00pm Kindergarten Registration
March 9 8:00-4:30pm Kindergarten Registration
March 13-17 Schools Not in Session
March 20 School Resumes
March 21 PTO Meeting, 6:00pm
March 22 5th Grade Field Trip, Earth Wellness Festival

Parent Teacher Conferences

Did you miss your parent/teacher conference? If so, we want to get it rescheduled. If you have an interpreted conference you can contact your liaison or wait for Sara Rose, ELL team leader, to contact you to reschedule. If you do not require an interpreter for a conference please email your student’s teacher or call the office at (402)436-1168, option 1.

Kindergarten Registration

If you just moved to the area, please call to let us know if you have a child that will be in Kindergarten next year. Also, if you have any new neighbors, please have them call the office at (402)436-1168.

Kindergarten registration is on March 8th from 8:00-6:00pm and March 9th from 8:00-4:30pm. If you are unable to make it during these times, you may register after that date, but please do so as soon as possible.

Lincoln Public Schools Survey

Each year the Assessment Department at Lincoln Public Schools conducts ‘climate surveys’ to measure parent satisfaction. The survey comes in an email from, and each school’s email will look different. You may receive multiple emails but you only need to take the survey once. The deadline for completion is March 17. Thank you for helping us better serve our families.

When registering, you must bring your child’s:

*Certified birth certificate

*Current immunization record

*Census form from the Kindergarten Registration     Booklet


Kindergarten Assessment Testing

In accordance with Nebraska statute, students may enter kindergarten if they turn five years of age on or before July 31. However, if your child was born between August 1 and October 15, he or she is eligible to participate in an assessment conducted by Lincoln Public Schools to determine possible early entrance to kindergarten. You can obtain an application from your neighborhood school starting April 3, 2017. You need to fill out an application and register for the assessment with the neighborhood school at least one week prior to the beginning of each round of testing. Application, and certified birth certificate will be due at the time of the registration. The birth certificate will be copied and returned.

January 31, 2017

PLC Day – 2:18 Dismissal Time

PTO Meeting

Please join us for our monthly PTO Meeting. We will be discussing fundraising options, parent/teacher conferences and our spring picture day. We are in need of volunteers to help on picture day. Please join us in the library at 6:00pm. Directly following our PTO meeting we will move into the Family Learning portion of our meeting. 2nd grade teacher, Rebecca Rezac, will be presenting how we teach math in the Kindergarten through 2nd grade classrooms. This is a great opportunity for you to learn why we teach math in the way that we do. It will be an interactive presentation that may change your thinking.

We will conclude the meeting with a tour of the new addition!

January 23, 2017

Jan. 31 3rd Grade Field Trip to Morrill Hall-Ms. Barnett & Mrs. Dawson’s classes
Jan. 31 PLC day, Students Dismiss at 2:18pm

No School for Early Childhood Students

Feb. 1 3rd Grade Field Trip to Morrill Hall-Mr. Fralick and Ms. Hughes’ classes
Feb. 2 5th Grade Field Trip to Morrill Hall-Mrs. Brindisi & Mrs. Coffey’s classes
Feb. 3 5th Grade Field Trip to Morrill Hall-Mrs. Teachout’s class
Feb. 6 4th Grade Field Trip-Young People’s Concert


Feb. 7 PTO Meeting, 6:00pm
Feb. 11 LPS Spelling Bee

Nebraska Teacher Recognition Day: Nominate Yours!

Please take time today to nominate your favorite teacher for the annual Lincoln Public Schools Thank You Teacher event.

In honor of Nebraska Teacher Recognition Day – Tuesday, March 7 – Lincoln Public Schools and KFOR/KFRX Radio are again collaborating to thank our educators with the annual Thank You Teacher contest. Nominations should be postmarked or sent by Friday, Feb. 10, at 5 p.m. and mailed to: Thank You Teacher, Communications, LPS District Offices, 5905 O St., Lincoln, NE 68510.

** You can also submit nominations online at:

Anyone who lives in Lincoln/Lancaster County can nominate a teacher in any of five categories: preschool-grade 2, grades 3-5, middle school, high school and retired. In addition to a written description, explaining why a teacher made a difference in your life, entries should include the teacher’s name, grade level and school (or contact information), as well as the nominator’s name, school and grade level (if applicable), address and phone number.

Five teachers will be chosen and honored at a special breakfast on March 7 at the Governor’s Mansion, where the five students who submitted the winning nominations also will be invited to attend and read their winning letters. The winners will all receive gift bags and prizes awarded by KFOR/KFRX and their sponsors.

The event is part of Nebraska Teacher Recognition activities. Sponsors include LPS, KFOR/KFRX, the Lincoln Education Association and the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools.

December 19, 2016

Some of our families signed up for Toys for Tots. If you are one of those families you should have received a note advising you of the date, time and location of the distribution. If you signed up, thru West Lincoln, please pick up your item(s) on Monday, December 19th 3:38-5:30 P.M. in the Family Literacy Portable (90-21).

Please bring a photo I.D.

 PLC Day-December 20th

 Dismissal @ 2:18 P.M.

As a parent or guardian you are responsible for your child’s regular attendance at school. Regular attendance ensures that your child gets all the benefits school can offer. When children miss school, they miss out on those benefits.

*Being absent eliminates the student’s opportunity to learn. *Children do best in school when they are in class every day.
*Children who are in class every day have stronger bonds with the school and community *In addition to academics, children learn valuable lessons about personal responsibility and commitment.
*Being late can add up quickly…10 minutes a day totals 30 hours of lost instruction for the school year! Make sure your child arrives on time *Attendance may be the single most important factor in school success.


*It is the responsibility of the student to make up work which has been missed because of any absence.  

Excessive absences seriously impact a student’s ability to succeed in school and are a violation of school rules. If a student is excessively absent, an administrator is required send a written notice to the parent explaining the consequences of further absences.   Once students reach 10 absences, a collaborative plan is developed to minimize future absences. It is our goal to have your child in school as much as possible, so that they can have the best school experience possible. We share in your goal for your child to have great success!

November 29, 2016

Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots forms are due on Wednesday, November 30th. Late forms can’t be accepted. If you lost or misplaced your form you may get another form in the main office. All completed forms should be turned in to the main office.

Calendar of Events:
November 29 – PLC Day, School Dismisses at 2:18PM. No School for Early Childhood Students.

December 8 – PTO Santa Shop and Family Services Craft Night – 5:30-7:00PM

December 9 – Last Day for all  clubs

December 12 – Winter Choir Concert, 6:30-7:30PM

December 13 – PTO Meeting, 6:00PM

December 14 – Band and Strings Concert, 6:00-7:30PM

December 20 – PLC Day, School Dismisses at 2:18PM, No School for Early Childhood Students

December 23 – First day of Winter Break

January 4 – Classes Resume – 2nd Semester begins.

Arrival and Dismissal Traffic:

If you drive on the dirt road, W. Nance, between NW 4th and NW 6th please be sure to obey the speed limit. The speed limit is 25MPH. Additionally, please watch out for children. There are no sidewalks on the road and children walk to and from school on this road.

Construction Update

We are very happy to have our front entrance open. This has been a welcome change for arrival and dismissal. Our arrival procedures have been improving. As always, safety is our first priority. Here are a couple areas where we need to improve.

  • Please use the crosswalk at all times.
  • Please drop your child off in the curb cut only.
  • Please do not leave your car unattended in the curb cut. This blocks the traffic flow.

Attendance Procedures

If your child is going to be absent, for any reason, it is your responsibility to report the absence. Absences can be called in 24 hours a day. To report an absence call 402-436-1168 and select option 5. Leave a message with the student’s name, your name, phone number and the reason for the absence. Absences not reported count as a truancy on your student’s attendance record.



Important Notice:

We do not celebrate Halloween at West Lincoln. Please do not send your student to school in a costume. Any students who arrive in a costume will have their parent/guardian called to bring them a change of clothes. Thank you for your support!!

October 24, 2016

Calendar of Events

Oct. 25 PLC Day – Early Dismissal, Family Learning 6:00pm

Oct. 26 4th Grade Field Trip to Pioneers Park

Nov. 2 3rd & 4th Grade Field Trip to Lincoln Community Playhouse

The 3rd and 4th grade classes will be going to the Lincoln Community Playhouse on November 2nd. They will see The Boxcar Children. The playhouse graciously donated the tickets and our PTO is paying for the buses to get the children to and from the play.

Nov. 7 Picture Retakes, 4:00-6:00pm

Nov. 11 Family Fun Night 5:30-8:00

PTO Family Fun Night is Friday, November 11th from 5:30-8:00pm. The PTO needs parent volunteers to help with this event. A sign up form was sent home today. Please consider working a shift. You can sign up by completing the volunteer sign up form that was sent home today or you may go to and in the search box simply type PRG7. Please return forms by November 1st.

Nov. 11 2nd Grade Field Trip to Pioneers Park


Nov 12 Bubba’s Closet, 8:00-9:30am





Nov. 15 PTO Meeting, 6:00pm

Lincoln Public Schools is seeking to engage citizens throughout the community to help refresh and develop a strategic plan to chart the course for the school district over the next five years. The strategic planning process involves gathering community voices through civic, school and community meetings, as well as through social media and online surveys – encouraging our citizens to dream big, imagine new ideas, help identify creative, innovative goals – necessary to write the story of our future. Our mission is to ensure LPS students experience a world-class education in preparation for college, career and life.

On August 9, 2016, the Lincoln Board of Education adopted a goal that by May 1, 2017, the District would complete a community-wide strategic planning process to identify community priorities for the district’s next 5-year strategic plan.

The meeting will be held in conjunction with our PTO meeting on November 15th at 6:00pm.

Childcare will be provided.

Nov. 17 Night out at Eiseley Library, 5:00-6:30pm

On Thursday, November 17th from 5pm-6:30pm, Eiseley Library is opening their doors for West Lincoln Families to come and enjoy books, crafts, and pizza! No library card? No problem! Come and enjoy a relaxing evening and see everything the library has to offer…and sign up for a library card! Eiseley is located at 1530 Superior Street (by Walgreens). See you there!




Scott Schwartz, Principal






Classrooms recognize birthdays in a variety of ways. Students are not allowed to bring birthday treats (edible or nonedible). Please do not send gifts, party favors, balloons, or flowers. These items will not be delivered to classrooms.

Invitations will not be distributed during the school day. Teachers should be notified ahead of time if a student has invitations to distribute after school. Phone numbers and addresses cannot be distributed by any school personnel.

Calendar Of Events
Oct. 4   4:00-7:00pm Parent/Teacher Conferences, Book Fair and New-To-You Clothing Exchange
Oct. 6   4:00-7:00pm Parent/Teacher Conferences, Book Fair and New-To-You Clothing Exchange
Oct. 11   PTO Meeting, 6:00pm
Oct. 14   Elementary Plan Day-No School for Elementary Students
Oct. 17-18   Schools Not in Session
Oct. 25 PLC Day, School Dismisses at 2:18 P.M., No School for Early Childhood Students

Parent/Teacher Conferences are October 4th and October 6th from 4:00-7:00pm.

Conferences begin at 4:00pm. If you are unsure of your scheduled time you may contact the office. Translated conferences are held in the cafeteria.

The Book Fair will be in the West Lincoln library during parent teacher conferences. The Book Fair gives you and your children the opportunity to buy carefully selected, quality books at affordable prices. We invite you all to attend and look forward to seeing you!

New-To-You Clothing Exchange

New-to-You will be held during parent/teacher conferences from 4:00-7:00 p.m. While attending conferences, families are able to receive gently used adult and children’s clothes, household items, books, etc. If you are interested in donating to this event, items can be brought Monday, October 3rd between 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. If you have any questions, please call Laura Ruppert, CLC Site Supervisor, at 402-580-2524.

Pets on School Grounds

For the safety and wellbeing of students, parents, community members and staff, pets/personal companion animals are not allowed to be brought on school grounds with students present except in accordance with this regulation.

Fundraiser Distribution

PTO will hold the fundraiser distribution October 13th, 3:38-6:00pm. Please enter thru Door 9 on the north side of the school. All orders need to be picked up by an adult in the household.

Safety Reminder

After school we have many cars parked on W. Nance and many children walking down W. Nance. We discourage anyone from using that road as it is gravel. However, if you and your children are going to utilize the gravel road it would be best to walk in the grass. Please wait until you get to the end of the street before crossing. We realize this may be an inconvenience but it is for the safety of the children.

Scott Schwartz, Principal








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Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 4.24.03 PM





Students experience what a day was like in a one-room schoolhouse in 1892. During this “role play”, students participate in songs, stories, and other activities that are authentic to the time period. Students bring a lunch that is similar to what children might have eaten on the prairie in 1892. Each social studies class has discussed Native American and pioneer foods. Students are encouraged to dress in the style of clothing worn in the late 1800s. Girls may wear a long skirt or a dress, apron, and a sunbonnet or hat. Boys may wear bib overalls, jeans and suspenders, flannel, plaid, or checked shirts, and hats of the period.

Your student’s teacher has sent home a note with detailed information about the day.

The 4th grade classes will be going on the following dates:

September 12: Ms. Battiato’s Class
September 13: Ms. Piliero’s Class
September 14: Ms. Geier’s Class

water bottles

West Lincoln
Water Bottles

   Shout out to 1st grade teacher, Nuru Roach. She graciously wrote a grant that enabled West Lincoln to purchase water bottles for all the students. Thank you Ms. Roach!
Please send the water bottle to school clean and full of water each day. Drinking plenty of water helps our brains keep learning!


PTO & Family Learning

Our next PTO meeting is September 13th. The PTO is a great way to get involved in your child’s school. We have a great PTO. They do so much to support our staff and students. For example, our 3rd and 4th grade students are going to a play in November. The PTO is using funds to pay for the transportation to the play. Please consider joining us on September 13th at 5:30 pm. The PTO fundraiser kick-off was August 29th. The children should have brought home the order materials from the Fun Services fundraiser. Orders from the fundraiser are due on September 12th. Items purchased from the fundraiser will be distributed Thursday, October 13th.

In addition to our regular meeting agenda, we will be discussing the plans for our Family Learning Program.

Parent Information Meetings

Each grade will be having parent meetings. This is an opportunity for you to learn what happens in your child’s school day.

The date and times are listed under the calendar of events. Your child should also bring home a note with details about the meetings.

Calendar of Events

Sept. 6  Kindergarten Parent Information Meeting 9:15 – 10:15 A.M.
Sept. 7  3rd Grade Parent Information Meeting 5:00 – 6:00 P.M.
Sept. 8 1st Grade Parent Information Meeting 5:00 – 6:00 P.M.
Sept 12, 13, 14  4th Grade Field Trip Heritage School.
Sept 13  5th Grade Parent Information Meeting 10:15 – 10:35 P.M.
Sept 13  PTO & Family Meeting 5:30-­‐7:00 P.M.
Sept  15 2nd Grade Parent Information Meeting 5:30 – 6:30 P.M.
Sept  22  4thGrade Parent Information Meeting 4:30 – 5:30 P.M.
Sept 27  PLC Day, School Dismisses at 2:18 P.M., No School for Early Childhood Students
Sept 28  Individual Student Pictures




Scott Schwartz, Principal

textboxJuly, 2016

Welcome back West Lincoln Families,

It has been a much different summer than we have ever experienced. We have witnessed an incredible amount of work and we are only half way done.  When we come back in August, two of the four phases of our remodeling will be complete; the office and the majority of the school. The eight-classroom addition will be complete in December and then the Kindergarten wing will be remodeled in the spring of 2017.


Arrival and Dismissal

Enclosed in this mailing is our updated Arrival and Dismissal Plan and map. Because of the changes inside of our building and the number of classrooms at each grade level, the doors that students exit the building have changed. We are still under construction, so please read the changes carefully. At our open house, teachers will be sharing the plan with you and then you can make plans with your children to exit out the most appropriate door together. Our pick-up and drop off areas have not changed.


As always there are staff changes at West Lincoln. Here are the additions and changes for this year.


Kimberly Nield-Kindergarten Teacher      Ashlee Slade-1st Grade Teacher

Aaron Flores-2nd Grade Teacher                 Kimberly Hughes-3rd Grade Teacher

Sarah Coffey-5th Grade Teacher                             Abby Cowles-Special Education Teacher

Jenny Tyner-Vocal Music Teacher                         Jennifer Wood-Strings Instructor


The First Three Days of School

School starts on Monday, August 15th. To help with the transition back to school, we will dismiss at 2:18 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, we will dismiss at our regular release time of 3:38 p.m.



We try to communicate with families in a simple manner. The Wildcat News is sent home every two weeks in Monday folders and it is posted on the website.   ( Our family handbooks will be sent home the first week of school. The handbook contains another calendar and other school specific information. Most of our communication is written in English. If you have questions, there will be a phone number at the bottom of all communications for you to contact a bilingual liaison to assist you.


The Important Information Booklet, that is normally included in this mailing, is now online. Please see the insert for the web address. Families with email addresses will receive an email with the link. If you do not have an active email account, you will receive a paper copy. Please note we may have an inactive or invalid email address on file for you. If that is the case, the email including the link will be sent to that “bad” email address. We will have some extra copies of the Important Information Booklet on hand. Please notify us if you don’t receive the link. The District is moving towards more electronic notice of information. Therefore, and as always, it is very important that our office has current phone numbers and email addresses.


Learning about School

Throughout the year I look forward to meeting the new members of our community and connecting with returning community members. I encourage families to get to know each other so that we can build new friendships and support each other as the need arises. West Lincoln offers great opportunities to meet new people and see old friends through our Family Learning Program. Our Family Learning Program is a great way to meet families and gives parents an opportunity to be engaged in their child’s learning. Our Family Learning program is an outstanding way for parents to learn about West Lincoln and lead and support other families. This group meets several times a month.   Please look for information in the Wildcat News.


Our monthly PTO meetings are held in conjunction with our Family Learning meetings. At the PTO meetings, I will give a school report and families are able to ask me and other parents questions about West Lincoln.


Each grade level will have an opportunity for families to come and learn more about West Lincoln and each grade level. Some grade levels have their parent information sessions in the evening and others have them during the school day. Please look for notes from your child’s teacher and in the school newsletter.


Open House

At our Open House, this will be the first time people will have the opportunity to see the remodeled school. This will also be a great opportunity for families to learn about the school and meet our staff.


There will be a beginning of the year presentation in the gym from 4:30-5:30. We will discuss school procedures, schedules and programs. Translators will be available for families. Parents can meet their child’s teacher beginning at 5:30. Our Open House will conclude at 6:30.


We hope to see you soon.


Take care,



Scott Schwartz, Principal

West Lincoln Elementary