Chapter 6

6.1 Polynomial Function/End Behavior

Polynomials – Addition and Subtraction
Multiplying Polynomials
End Behavior
End Behavior Example

6.2 Polynomials and Linear Factors

No Khan Academy Videos on Graphing Polynomials from the Zeros

6.4 Solving Polynomial Equations

Factoring Sum of Cubes
Factoring Difference of Cubes
Factoring Quadratic Pattern

No Khan Academy Videos on Solving Polynomial Equations

6.3 Dividing Polynomials

Dividing Polynomials – Long Division
Dividing Polynomials – Synthetic Division

6.5 Theorems about Roots of Polynomial Equations

No Khan Academy Videos on Roots of Polynomial Equations

6.6 The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

No Khan Academy Videos on the Number of Zeros of a Polynomial Functions