Rising to the challenge

In light of the prolific challenges we have faced in recent months, I am incredibly proud of our staff and students for being able to make the most of a situation that everyone wants to disappear. While summer planning for schools opening was intense, actually executing the plan was even more so. The dedicated commitment of our educators and the staff that support them is what has mattered most. Teachers, for example, have been asked to teach students in-class and remotely. This has not been an easy task and many teachers have reported that the time required to ensure that all students get what they deserve is far greater than they had anticipated. For that reason, we have looked to lighten their load so they are able to focus on their most important work.

As I write this, the COVID-19 numbers are increasing throughout our county. Many people are feeling cooped up and unsettled about what the future might hold. We are hearing from parents who want us to move back to 100% high school and from teachers and parents who would like us to go 100% remote. While our intent is to continue with our existing plan, we need everyone to do all they can to decrease the spread. Before leaving home, please continue to self-screen for symptoms, wear face coverings when in public, practice good hand hygiene and maintain physical distance when possible.

Every headline about increased infections escalates concern. While we have had a limited number of staff and student cases, to date we have not had any that have been traced to school spread. We can’t predict this won’t occur, but I believe our protocols have made our schools as safe as any gathering can be. Our students and staff have done wonderfully with wearing face coverings and maintaining distance. Again, I am very proud of the commitment of our students, parents and staff.

Nobody can predict what the future may hold, although there are many predictions circulating in the media. However, I can predict that we – all of LPS – will continue to rise to the occasion and provide the highest possible educational experience for ALL of our students. After all, that has been and will continue to be our legacy.

Steve Joel