Awe inspiring start to school

The first week of school is always special.  The energy and excitement that is displayed is awe inspiring.

I always visit at least two elementary school drop-offs for kindergartners, where parents and wee students are saying good bye. In the old days (last few years) this meant a few emotional parents and children struggling with letting go.  Interestingly, this doesn’t seem to be happening much anymore – and I wonder if that is due to the proliferation of early childhood and day care programs.  Our little 5- and 6 year-olds seem very ready to begin their 13-year public school odyssey – in fact, they are more apt to be reassuring their parents than the other way around.

Many thanks to all of our staff for helping make the first week so successful.  And, welcome to our more than 430 new teachers. We know they will love working with our students as they launch their journeys in teaching and learning.

With the start of school behind us, we now begin to focus our attention to future planning. The key work this year will be convening a new community group, the Superintendent’s Facility Advisory Council, people charged with studying community and school growth – then offering recommendations to solve these challenges.  A key part of their considerations will be the advice and suggestions passed down from the community/LPS High School Task Force, a group that met last year for considerable research and conversation.

Here’s to another great school year….