Wednesday, June 22

This has sure seemed like a full week and it is only Wednesday.   We are definitely back into the swing of things and it is great to have Dr. Marilyn Moore back from her trip to China full of stories and tales of wonderful experiences.

Monday night was our first budget work session and it went well.   I am feeling very comfortable with our ability to have a budget that can help us meet goals but also be responsive to the financial climate in Lincoln.  Kudos to our great team of business professionals here at LPS who managed to get budget documents together in lieu of our fire.

I am also very proud of the members of our Lincoln Board of Education who managed to also fight through the effects of the fire and maintain their commitment to developing a sound strategic plan.  Last night, they were able to develop four purpose statements that, while fairly general in nature, will guide our development of action plans as we seek to meet our stated purposes in developing a strategic plan for the school district.   Mrs. Kathy Danek has appointed a committee that will take the recommendations of the Strategic Planning Committee and determine how to fit them into our purpose statements.   From that, the board will appoint action-writing teams that will identify time-lines, indicators and initiatives to fill out the plan.  We are still hopeful to have a tentative plan by the time we begin gathering for the beginning of the new school year.

Many, many thanks to members of the Strategic Planning Committee and to Dr. Larry Dlugosh for presenting such a great document to organize our vision and focus for the next several year.s

Below are listed the four purpose statements that were developed by the board:

A. Foster the highest level of learning for all students.  (Improve upon quality of educational experience for all students, as measured by increased student achievement, closing achievement gap and increased graduation rate.)

B. Engage in continuous, two-way communication with our whole community, internal and external.  (Develop strategies to actively engage community and partnerships that lead to greater support and understanding of a high quality LPS education.)

C. Make effective and efficient use of community’s time, treasure and talent.

D. Provide a safe, comfortable and secure learning and working environment for students and staff.