LPSDO Update

We are working into the second week following the tragic event.   The pieces are beginning to come together nicely.   Today, Union Bank graciously provided  lunch to more than 100 of our team members at the Experian building.  We gave a few tours and enjoyed the tremendous hospitality.   Thanks to Chris Warner for the welcome banner that stated “IN A CRUNCH, YOU GAVE US LUNCH.”

The Celerion building will be our next move-in project and that will take place early next week.   Celerion is allowing us to bring a limited number of offices on a temporary basis until we take possession on July 10th.  Their flexibility will allow us to get closer to full throttle.

Our negotiations will soon commence with the insurance company as we attempt to value our losses.   Once that is completed, we will begin planning for a permanent location.

We have been incredibly supported by the community.  We have received many offers to help and are working with the Foundation on how to facilitate that.   Last night, on a quick trip to Hyvee to pick up a few things for supper, I had several encounters with people who were quite proud of our response and work to repair our district.   Two were from teachers who expressed their pride in being a part of LPS and one was from a patron who felt that our district truly stood out.   I waltzed home.



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  1. Jim

    I wonder what Larry the Cable Guy would have said. At the store he may have dressed like a women pretending to be a teacher. In any event, I say he should donate free show entry to all LPS employees. GIT ER DUN!

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