Monday, June 6

It was great to be back at work today.   I was able to make a visit to East High School and observe the work being done there—all with smiles.  There are employees from across the district who have set up temporary headquarters there. I also ventured to the Experian building in advance of our 10AM press conference tomorrow to celebrate the partnership with the city.   We have about 100 people getting ready to make the move tomorrow.  Please join us if your schedule permits.

I also had the pleasure to visit the UNL Data Center in Nebraska Hall where our Information Technology team has been working day and night to bring our technology back to life.   Each of them has been consumed with the work, putting in over 90 hours since the fire.  They are truly unsung heroes that many of us (including me) have never met.

We also hope to be able to announce the second location tomorrow but that will depend on progress on the lease.  If this deal comes together, we will have a location in the southern part of the city that will house most of our executive team.

The devastating event is barely a week old.   Our recovery efforts are charging ahead and each day we become a little stronger.

Keep the faith,



  1. angela

    thanks for the information on sped education . will student services be at hawthorne as well ? i think i can contact them at LNS high school if i need them.

  2. Lisa

    Angela, Special Education is currently being housed at Lincoln Southeast until Hawthorne is finished. If you need to get a hold of the District Special Education office, please call 402-436-1304 Ext. 5.

  3. angela

    i Saw in the journal some of the departments that are moving to the Experian building but am interested to know where special education department will be at.

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